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How To Integrate Video Editor with Effects Into Your App Using Video Editing SDK

Thanks to the developments in software and hardware, video editing is now accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone. Sometimes (e.g. with TikTok competitors and other social media) a video editor with effects is not just expected but required. In this article, we will explain what a video editing SDK is, what it can do, and how it can be quickly integrated into your app.

Video Editor with Effects

Video editor with effects in a nutshell

The “video editor” part seems pretty self-explanatory: a piece of software that can cut, add soundtracks, and otherwise modify a recording. However, there are many features that it may or may not include

  • Video recording.
  • Trimming. Cutting the beginning and end of the clip, removing the excessive footage.
  • Overlays. This includes basics like pictures, GIFs, and text/subtitles.
  • Sound effects. Managing the soundtracks in the video and adding various effects (e.g. Darth Vader voice)
  • Slideshows. Turning several photos into a video. The pictures can be taken on the spot or selected from a gallery.

The “with effects” one also needs a bit of explanation.

The thing is, there are many kinds of visual elements that can be included in a video editor:

  • Beautification. Automatic or user-controlled improvement to the appearance of people in the picture. This includes smoothing the skin, whitening teeth, removing eye bags, and more.
  • LUTs (“Instagram filters”). Pioneered by Instagram, these effects change the color scheme for the entire clip (e.g. by turning it black-and-white).
  • Augmented reality masks. From simple stickers to advanced video filters. See this article for further explanation.
  • Virtual makeup. Applying lipstick, mascara, powder, and other cosmetic products to a person’s face on the screen. We have recently published an article, explaining how it works, check it out.
  • Video effects. Stylish distortions that change the look and feel of the video (e.g. Rave, Zoom, or Flash).
  • Acceleration/Slo-mo

The special effects video editors have differ from one software to another, so this becomes a major factor in choosing the right one, especially in the case of short video apps. 


What is video editing SDK

This is a pre-made module that has the functionality of a special effects editor. Using them has become quite popular in communications and short video apps, as they allow to decrease time-to-market and initial investment. They also don’t require you to have a team of developers proficient in augmented reality.

By our estimation, using an SDK for a video editor with effects could save about 5600 man-hours of work. 

Choosing the right video editing SDK is another challenge. There are at least 7 popular products on the market, each with their own specific positioning, feature set, and technical aspects. To save some time, feel free to read our detailed comparison of video editing SDKs to find the one that fits your needs the most. 

How To Integrate Video Editor with Effects Into Your App Using Video Editing SDK

One of the main benefits of video editing SDKs is that integrating them takes very little time. So in this section we will show you how to do so. We will use our Banuba AI Video Editor SDK as an example because it is compatible with both native and cross-platform technologies (e.g. React Native and Flutter).

Step 1. Free trial

We let people test our SDK for 14 days at no charge. To begin, request the trial token from our customer relations team, and they will send it to you.

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The token can be included in your app or stored on Firebase for ease of updates. Moreover, it will work for both Video Editor SDK and Face AR SDK (the module that controls the augmented reality features in the app). Note that they are separate products with separate pricing. 

img_masks-min-3AR masks

Step 2. Integration

Enabling Banuba AI Video Editor SDK is simple. The detailed instructions with code samples are posted on our GitHub:

The integration takes only a few commands, although the pages also contain other important information: dependencies, video output parameters, file size, etc.

Step 3. Enjoyment

This is pretty much all it takes to add video editor with effects to your app. However, there is another option: integration done by the vendor. Our team will connect the SDK to your application, make sure everything works as intended, and give you a finished product. This is a great way for people with small development teams. 

slo mo video filterBanuba Video Editor

Special effects video editor use cases

The technology is most often used in the following applications.

Short video apps

This is the niche where a video editor with effects is a must. The effects are a necessary feature, and the number, quality, and variety of them can be a competitive advantage. Any company that wishes to compete with TikTok, Likee, Triller, and the others has to have the effects pack to match.

Case in point - Chingari, an Indian short video app. After New Delhi banned TikTok, Chingari’s founders were among the quickest to scramble and take their share of the market. They partially attribute their success to a wide array of filters tailored to the Indian market.

Dating apps

As the use of video chatting and messaging grows, so does the demand for editing. In this case, video editor with effects is not just something to liven up the conversation. It can also be a tool to protect privacy. 

Due to the problems of stalking, sometimes users might need to hide certain elements of the video - that’s where background replacement comes in. On a more lighthearted note, sometimes people just chat from an untidy room, hiding it could make them feel less anxious.

eCommerce video solutions

Product videos, instructions, unboxings, and other similar content is an effective marketing channel that keeps growing. This is why video editing app developers now target marketers as well.

Thanks to the latest innovations, even a mid-range smartphone is powerful enough to make a great video.


Video editors with effects are a useful and sometimes necessary part of an app. They find the most use in short video apps, dating apps, and software for eCommerce video editing. To integrate it, the easiest way is to use a premade video editing SDK, which can be implemented within a day. And if you want to get one - check out Banuba AI Video Editor SDK for free!

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