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Face AR 17.0 Release: Technology Improved + New Features Added

Continuous photo rendering banuba facear sdk

FaceAR 17.0 release brings a couple of significant enhancements to Face Filters SDK and Face Beautification SDK along with some general technology improvements. Here are the updates we’ve made.

Face Beautification SDK

Updated lips segmentation neural network

Achieved better accuracy with virtual lipstick application.

virtual lipstick application in banuba face beautification sdk


Continuous photo rendering with updated parameters

Face beautification is now available for previously taken photos.

Continuous photo rendering banuba facear sdk


Face Filters SDK

Improved rendering quality (Android)

Achieved 2x times better resolution for video and photo on high-end Android devices.

Landscape frame input

Face filters and beautification effects now support landscape mode for photo and video.

Exposure settings (iOS)

Exposure focus on the center of the face provides softer lighting avoiding flare spots.

General improvements

  • Conversions-free RGB input support
  • Image file processing example (iOS)
  • Documentation improved
  • Swift 4.2 support in example app
  • API to check Android hardware performance
  • Corrected video orientation (iOS)


FaceAR 16.0 Release: 3D Virtual Try On For Lips, Hair, Skin, Eyes

FaceAR SDK 15.0: New Possibilities With Better Performance

Face AR SDK 14.0 Update: New Features For You!

Banuba Face AR Platform includes several components, i.e. Face Filter SDK, Face Beautification SDK, Avatar SDK and Face Analytics SDK. You can use each component separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

See how our Face AR Platform can help you to empower your app with some amazing features that your users will love.

See FaceAR Platform


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