Eye Tracking Software

Eye Tracking Software

Robust gaze detection for marketing, healthcare, research, and more.

Eye tracking technology

Eye tracking and gaze detection are technologies that monitor the position of the eyes and pupils. They allow gathering invaluable information that helps optimize product and ad design, diagnose neurological conditions, conduct psychological research, etc. Businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, and government agencies alike can gain tangible results from eye tracking software.

  • Powered by AI

    Banuba’s eye tracking technology is based on a well-trained AI, designed to work with people irrespective of their appearance. Even if a face is covered by a medical mask, the software will still do its job and collect the necessary data.

  • No special hardware required

    You don’t have to worry about getting expensive glasses or cameras. Our eye tracking software works fine with just a regular webcam, including smartphone ones. Maximum accessibility and convenience.

  • Easy to integrate

    Banuba’s software is distributed as platform-specific packages for Maven, CocoaPods, npm, etc. Connecting it to your application takes only a few lines of code. And the extensive documentation will help in more complex cases.

Why Banuba’s technology

Why Banuba’s technology

  • Proprietary eye tracking software, covered by patents
  • In-house R&D department constantly improving precision and performance
  • Secure by design and GDPR/HIPAA-compliant, all calculations are handled on the user’s device
  • 7 years on the market
  • Trusted by global enterprise partners including Meta, Gucci, and Samsung
  • Compatible with virtual backgrounds, face filters, and other augmented reality features

Technical Requirements

Face AR SDK supports HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Unity, Flutter and React Native. It runs on iOS 13+ / Android 6.0+ devices with a 1280x720 camera (recommended) at min 30 FPS


OpenGL ES 3.0+
Android 6.0, API level 23+
iOS 13+


OpenGL 4.3+ (4.1+ for MacOS)
Windows 8.1+
MacOS 10.13+
Ubuntu 18.04+
VC++ 15+ runtime available


WebGL 2.0+
Mobile: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Samsung Browser.
Desktop: Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
  • There are different applications that are used in eye tracking. Banuba Face AR SDK, for example, includes eye tracking functionality and can be rapidly integrated into an existing app or a project in development.
  • You need eye tracking software for that. To build one, start with an SDK like Banuba Face AR SDK and add your own UI and data collection to it. This way you’ll be able to develop it quicker.
  • A PC eye tracker is based on an AI trained to recognize human eyes in an image. It monitors every frame of a video feed and analyzes the direction in which a person looks.
  • Eye tracking is based on an AI. However, it could also include simpler algorithms for data collection and processing or additional neural networks for object placement (e.g. for contact lenses or glasses try-on).

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