Face Tracking Software

Face Tracking Software

An industry-leading facial detection system that enables multi-platform tracking & augmentation.

Designed For Performance

Our computer vision technology has been specifically designed and optimized with the end-user in mind. Effortlessly increase immersion with realistic AR features which adapt to individual device capacities.

  • Live face tracking in 3D

    Unlike face landmark SDKs, our facial tracking technology builds on the 3D math model. It tracks the face by identifying 36 characteristics represented as face morphs. They include different facial expressions, anthropometry, and face position in the video frame. It allows us to accurately track the user on camera and optimize our face tracker for mobile platforms.

  • Mobile-first

    We optimize our technology for mobile devices. The face tracker functions well on iPhone-Xs and $100-Androids, at low lighting, and with up to 70% occlusion. Our device support starts with iPhone 5S as well as Android 5.0 with Camera 2 API and OpenGL ES 3.0. It covers 97% of all iOS devices and 80% of all Android ones.

  • Made for Face AR

    Our Face Tracking SDK precisely detects and tracks several faces in a video stream in real-time. We develop it for Face AR, enabling you to create the most realistic and feature-rich facial animation. You can overlay 3D objects on the face, add AR lenses, or turn faces into live avatars and emojis.

Performance in Action

  • 3D modeling of facial features with up to 3,308 vertices
  • Multi-face tracker
  • Up to 7 meters distance to the camera
  • Extreme angles of detection, ranging from -90* to +90*
  • Operates even in poorly-lit environments
  • Works with up to 70% facial occlusion
  • Stable detection even with facial accessories
  • Supports 360-degree rotation of the camera

How We Achieve Industry-Best Face Tracking

Our face capture software runs anywhere - on mobile, web, and desktop. It adapts to the device's capacity and delivers exceptional performance of Face AR experiences.

Patented Anti-Jitter Mechanism

Our computer vision algorithms run multiple times every frame to filter out visual noise, resulting in a smooth and jitter-free user experience.

Environment Adaption

The face tracker supports 360 degrees of device rotation, works in low-light environments and with up to 70% facial occlusion.

Energy Efficient

Our solution can create a precise face mesh without putting too much drain on the device’s CPU and battery.

Runs anywhere

You're not limited to ARCore or ARKit. We optimize our face tracking for low-end mobile devices allowing you to maximize your audience reach.

Fully Customizable

Our face tracker algorithms are fully customizable and adaptable to specific hardware.


We use compressed neural networks trained on balanced datasets. It ensures our technology works well for all facial expressions, skin colors, ages, genders, and nationalities.

Immersive Applications

Explore a wide range of practical and commercial applications for our facial tracking software

  • Face Filtering

    Enhance user engagement with Snapchat-like face filters, lenses, and 3D masks.

  • Product Try-on

    Precisely locate facial features and improve them to help your users look their best at all times.

  • AR beauty

    Precisely locate facial features and improve them to help your users look their best at all times.

  • Face modification

    Change facial features for any desired effect from subtle alterations for business meetings to other-worldly effects for social entertainment platforms.

  • Photo/video editing

    Allow users to enhance videos and photos with Face AR effects and boost engagement and content sharing in your app.

  • Games

    Accelerate into the next generation of gaming with face-controlled avatars upon which AR assets can be overlayed.

Technical & System Requirements

  • iOS

    iOS 10.0+
    iPhone 5s and later

  • Android

    Android 5.1
    (API level 21)

  • Unity

    Any mobile platform: ARMv8

  • Windows

    Windows 10+

  • Web

    WebAssembly support required

Powered by Deep Experience

Powered by Deep Experience

  • 100% proprietary face tracker technology and published patents
  • Guaranteed data privacy and compliance with GDPR due to offline work
  • Technology development and optimization for client’s hardware
  • Own R&D center specifically focused on Face AR
  • 7-year team expertise in AR content development and design
  • Trusted by global brands, enterprise partners like Gucci, Meta, Samsung
  • Fast support and team member consultancy
  • Hands-on experience in face tracking app development and release
  • Our face tracking technology is not built on landmarks. Instead of landmarks, we recognize 37 face characteristics represented as morphs for the default face mesh. This is the most optimal number that allows us to get all the needed data to detect and track a face in the camera.When demoing our technology, you may see 87 landmarks marked by which you can evaluate the accuracy of our face tracking.

    • Since we don’t track landmarks but recognize only 37 face parameters, we achieve a much faster technology performance and better accuracy. The algorithms need to process only 37 numbers saving the capacity resources.
    • Patented anti-jitter. As we significantly save on the capacity resources we are able to run algorithms several times within one frame. It shows us the constant data (face itself) and the variable one (the noise). We detect and process the noises within one frame due to which the technology provides no lag.
    • Our face tracking technology is optimized specifically for mobile to function equally well on iPhone-Xs and $100-Androids, at low lighting, and with up to 70% occlusion.
    • Our device support starts with iPhone 5S, Android 5.0 with Camera 2 API and Open GL ES 3.0 which covers 97% of all iOS devices and 80% of all Android ones.
  • Yes, we use the balanced datasets that include people's faces of different ages, genders and nationalities.
  • Apple has a “face tracker” as a part of the ARKit framework. So iOS applications (native, built with hybrid frameworks or game engines like Unity) can create face meshes easily.
  • There are many ways to go about it. Android and iOS have basic native frameworks (ARCore and ARKit) for this purpose. Unity has MARS. There are also more powerful third-party products like Banuba Face AR SDK that have additional features.

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