Multiproduct Virtual Store Platform

Multiproduct Virtual Store Platform

Sell makeup, jewelry, accessories, and more through
unmatched 3D shopping experience.

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How does a virtual store platform work

First, a short cutscene will lead the customer into your online store. Then, just like in a physical shop, the user will be able to browse virtual shelves, try items on themselves or their avatar, and purchase them in a couple of clicks. The immersive nature of an online virtual store blends the best of physical and digital worlds, providing a memorable customer experience.


Virtual store allows unlimited try-on of cosmetics with zero expenses on samples. It offers better sales and improved customer experience, as well as a truly eco-friendly approach.


Detailed 3D frames that automatically fit the head of any customer. Realistic simulation of lighting and lens transparency. Freedom to browse and try anything without help from the staff. This is something only a virtual store can offer.


Present your entire stock and more without renting any extra space. Offer personalized recommendations without engaging additional staff. Provide top-notch customer service wherever your customers are.

Furniture and interior

Let your customers look at any items in 3D, learn their characteristics, and buy with a couple of clicks. Thanks to the advanced AR technology, you will be able to give people an experience similar to visiting a physical store but without having to leave their living room.


Expand your reach beyond your physical location, let customers configure their cars online, and look at the interior and exterior as if they were checking out a physical vehicle. Virtual store is open 24/7 and accessible to your potential clients on almost any device.

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Capabilities of a Virtual Store Platform

Capabilities of a Virtual Store Platform

  • Diverse try-on options: makeup, glasses, jewelry, hats, watches, and more;
  • Browser-based — available on most devices with a camera, a screen, and an internet connection; 
  • Realistic and detailed 3D models of items that users can spin around and examine;
  • One click access to product characteristics; 
  • Easy purchasing process once the products are selected.
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