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Empower your users to create and share professional social videos like in TikTok with face filters, 3D backgrounds, live beauty & AR video overlays.

  • The Most Powerful Augmented Reality Video Editor SDK for Mobile

    Boost engagement and user-generated content in your app with creative video tools tweaked specifically for mobile social media.

    Banuba Video Editor SDK allows you to build video editing apps where users can record clips and stories like in TikTok, enhance it with face filters, beautification and post-processing effects.

    • Fast and easy video editing on mobile
    • Tools tailored to social networks
    • Increased user engagement with Face AR
    • Extensive collection of filters and effect

An Ultimate Creative Suite of Video Editing Tools

  • Beauty effects

    Users can apply the beauty filter featuring skin smoothing, teeth whitening, face morphing, color enhancement and expressive eyes effect. Add video face beautification as an option which users can turn off or on anytime. It's a great add-on to video capturing apps as it makes users feel more comfortable about their selfie camera, increases engagement and inspires content creation.

  • Face AR masks

    Users can overlay face filters as a post-processing effect or record videos with filters in real-time.

    • Beauty filters and effects.
    • Realistic try-on for makeup, jewelry, glasses, accessories
    • Morphing effects, animal and famous character filters
    • Background changer as part of face filters or separate effect
    • 2D/3D stickers based on face
    • 3D animation
    • Triggers - the effect with the facial expressions
  • Video effects

    Video filters are special visual and color transformation effects like in TikTok e.g. Rave, Cathode, Flash, Soul, Zoom and others. Applied as a post-processing effect with multiple filters allowed within one video.

  • Slideshow

    Users can merge photos or videos into a single animated video clip (Story). Additionally, they can enhance it by adding text, GIFs or music. Multiple pictures are opened from phones’ memory or cloud and converted into a video clip.

  • Color filters (LUT)

    Users can apply the color correction to the entire screen, choosing from a predefined set of Instagram-like filters. You can use our collection of LUT filters or upload custom.

  • Time effects

    Time filters include Slowmo and Rapid post-processing effects. The user can increase the video recording speed 2x or 3x by tapping the control on Camera UI Screen or decrease the video recording speed 0.5x of the normal speed (slowmo).

  • Text & GIFs

    Users can add GIF images and Text to videos or slideshow.

    • Add multiple objects.
    • Scale and rotate them.
    • Adjust their duration using the timeline.
    • Adjust their position on the screen by simple dragging.
  • Audio editor

    Audio Editor module offers powerful functionality for audio processing. Users can:

    • record video with audio
    • add multiple audio tracks
    • mix the video with a music track selected from the list
    • arranges the relative position, beginning of the tracks and effect by dragging them against the thumbnail timeline

Try Banuba’s Creative Suite of Video Editing tools for free

Case Studies

Yandex - Inspiring self-expression with AR Video Editor and face filters

  • Full-fledged AR video editor with intuitive video editing tools, masks and effects.
  • Unique AR masks designed specifically for the young audience.
  • Face beautification option to auto-enhance user appearance.

Platforms & Technical Requirments

  • iOS

    iOS 10.0+
    iPhone 5s and later
    Open GL ES 3.0
    Objective C, Swift

  • Android

    Android 6.0+
    Camera 2 API
    Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)

Background Subtraction on the Video

Why Banuba’s AR Video Editor SDK

  • Feature-rich

    Our AR Video Editor SDK includes over 25 features. It covers everything your users need for the next-generation social video making, all in one SDK.

  • Customizable

    You can pick the required scope of features to implement in your app and wrap them up into a unique UI design.

  • Powerful

    Multiple effects can be overlayed in real-time. Users can enable beautification, pick color filter and add a 3D mask to make unique and professional-looking videos.

  • Mobile-first

    The core technologies behind the AR Video Editor SDK like face detection and face tracking are optimized for mobile to deliver quality performance on low-end devices, with different lighting conditions.

  • Intuitive

    Record, stop and play videos by tapping. Browse and pick filters by swiping the icon feed. Change the exposure of the camera during video and photo-taking by the user's tap on the screen. All video editing features are intuitive, so anyone can instantly become a creator.

  • Growing

    We're constantly adding new features to keep your users engaged and give them more freedom with video making. Contact us, and we’ll share the development roadmap.

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