AI Video Editor SDK

Empower your users to create professional social videos like in TikTok with face filters, 3D masks, and AR video overlay features delivered with our AI Video Editor SDK.

The most powerful augmented reality video editor SDK for mobile

Build an engaging TikTok-like video editor where users can express themselves recording short videos. Banuba’s AI Video Editor SDK extends our Face AR Platform offering a full range of video editing features along with face filters and 3D masks. In a few taps, your users can create outstanding videos, enhance them with augmented reality and share on social networks.

  • Boost engagement and content sharing with intuitive video editor integrated into your app.
  • Increase average user session immersing users with realistic face filters and facial animation effects.
  • Increase user generated content and drive users in your app organically due to intuitive mobile video editing tools. AR overlay allows for high-quality videos and inspires shares.
  • Improve retention with new features added for free. We grow our Video Editor SDK (and your app) as part of our development roadmap.

Mobile social video creation made easily

Augmented reality and multimedia tools

  • Audio

    Select music to play on the background and record video. Record voice and add music as post processing.

  • Face Filters

    Try on AR face filters in real-time and record a video or take a photo. Video post-processing with face filters applied to the recorded videos.

  • Color Filters

    Apply color filter like in Instagram and record a video. Change color filters in the recorded videos or photos

  • Video Post Processing

    Add visual / time/ color effects and face filters. Apply multiple AR effects to one timeline.

  • Slideshow

    Create a slideshow uploading photos from the gallery. Record and add voice.

  • Text

    Add text to videos adjusting the font, size and color.Rotate and adjust position.

  • Beautification

    Increase user comfort about their video selfie experience adding the beautification option.

  • Gif

    Add, zoom and rotate stickers, text with emoji and GIFs to videos uploaded from

Video editing tools

  • Photo/Video recording (HD, audio)

  • Trimming

  • Concatenation

  • Timer to start recording (with setup)

  • Slowmo (0,5х) / Fast forward (3x/2x)

  • Export HD (1280x720)

  • Timeline (for visual and time effects)

  • Zoom (Pinch gesture)


Technical Features


iPhone 5s or higher
Open GL ES 3.0
Objective C, Swift


Android 6.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration


Android 6.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration

Case studies

  • Yandex
  • Sloy

    Inspiring self-expression with AR Video Editor and face filters

    • Full-fledged AR video editor with intuitive video editing tools, masks and effects.
    • Unique AR masks designed specifically for the young audience
    • Face beautification option to auto-enhance user appearance

Brands that trust Banuba


Why Banuba’s AR Video Editor SDK

  • Feature-rich. Our AI Video Editor SDK includes over 25 features. It covers everything your users need for the next-generation social video making, all in one SDK.

  • Powerful. Multiple effects can be overlayed in real-time. Users can enable beautification, pick color filter and add a 3D mask to make unique and professional-looking videos.

  • Intuitive. Record, stop and play videos by tapping. Browse and pick filters by swiping the icon feed. Change the exposure of the camera during video and photo-taking by the user's tap on the screen. All video editing features are intuitive, so anyone can instantly become a creator.

  • Mobile-first. The core technologies behind the AI Video Editor SDK like face detection and face tracking are optimized for mobile to deliver quality performance on low-end devices, with different lighting conditions.

  • Growing. We're constantly adding new features to keep your users engaged and give them more freedom with video making. Contact us, and we’ll share the development roadmap.

  • Customizable. You can pick the required scope of features to implement in your app and wrap them up into a unique UI design.

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