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Face Landmarks SDK

Traditionally, a face landmarks SDK detects notable features (e.g. eyes or nose) and tracks them. Banuba's Face AR SDK, on the other hand, works by making a face mesh and tracking its 37 morphs. This helps achieve unparalleled accuracy and stability.

  • 3D model face Landmarks
    Using a proprietary AI technology, Banuba tracks up to 87 points. Some of them could be landmarks of the face like eyes or nose, others are facial expressions and spatial positioning. This ensures that the faces are detected accurately even in low-light conditions and far from the camera.
  • Use in eCommerce and Other Industries
    A face landmarks SDK can bring tangible benefits to businesses across many verticals. eCommerce companies would appreciate realistic virtual try-on. Telecommunications businesses would increase camera enablement rate. Social media would see a boost in user-generated content and average session time. These are just a few examples.
  • Why Banuba
    • Unique, extra-precise face tracking technology 
    • No user data is stored, inbuilt compliance with GDPR
    • Custom development options
    • In-house AR laboratory
    • Over 7 years on the market
    • Clients include Gucci, Samsung, and other famous brands
    • Responsive customer support
    • Integration assistance
  • Face landmarks refer to the key points or features on a human face that can be detected and tracked using computer vision algorithms. These include the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and other facial features that can be used to identify and track a person's face. Face landmarks are important for various applications, including facial recognition, emotion detection, and augmented reality. The detection and tracking of face landmarks are done using specialized software or SDKs like the Banuba Face AR SDK.

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