Skincare AI and Try-On

Skincare AI and Try-On

Help your customers select the most fitting products and show the results they will get.

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TINT platform for skincare products

TINT platform for skincare products

  • One of the few skin care try-on options available 
  • Cutting-edge recommendations AI for maximum personalization
  • Processing images taken on camera and from the gallery
  • Demonstration of the effect of skin care products
  • Works with all skin tones
  • Reliable results even in dim lighting
  • Inbuilt photo upscaling for low-quality images

AI Skin Care

TINT is Banuba’s versatile try-on platform. Its inbuilt technology analyzes the users’ faces to determine imperfections and recommend products that could help deal with them. Thanks to advanced virtual try-on functionality, it also demonstrates the predicted results right on the person’s face. The improved user experience from skincare AI results in increased sales.

  • Innovative Skin Analysis Tool

    TINT includes a facial skin scanner processes over 200 parameters to assess the person’s skin condition. Every individual will get personalized approach, which means improved user experience. 

  • Precise Recommendations
    Thanks to the detailed analysis and the state-of-the-art recommendations AI in TINT, each user will get suggestions about products that fit their appearance. This feature works for both decorative cosmetics and skin care products.
  • Skincare Consultant Online

    Skin care functionality is cloud-based, which means it is accessible on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and even smart mirrors in physical stores. Let your users get the service they need anytime and anywhere.

How It Works

  1. TINT takes a photo from the gallery or a face of the person on camera
  2. The skin care AI processes it and analyzes 200 parameters
  3. The recommendations AI takes the data and matches it to the products in the database

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