Virtual Contact Lens Try-On

Virtual Contact Lens Try-On

Improve your user experience & boost sales with ultra-realistic virtual contact lenses.

Features and possibilities

Features and possibilities

  • Automatic eye recognition and coloring
  • Changing user eye color in photos and videos
  • Full eye, iris or sclera recoloring
  • Compatible with virtual makeup and face animation
  • Easily embedded as an API
  • iOS, Android, and macOS support.
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Technical Requirements

Face AR SDK supports HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Unity, Flutter and React Native. It runs on iOS 13+ / Android 6.0+ devices with a 1280x720 camera (recommended) at min 30 FPS


OpenGL ES 3.0+
Android 6.0, API level 23+
iOS 13+


OpenGL 4.3+ (4.1+ for MacOS)
Windows 8.1+
MacOS 10.13+
Ubuntu 18.04+
VC++ 15+ runtime available


WebGL 2.0+
Mobile: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Samsung Browser.
Desktop: Chrome, FireFox, Safari.

Accessible anywhere

The virtual contact lens try-on module is compatible with native iOS and Android, as well as Flutter, React Native, Web, Unity, and Desktop. No matter where your users are, they'll be able to use it on any connected device.


Let your users recolor any part of the eye (iris, sclera, pupil) separately or together. This allows trying on all kinds of lenses, as well as creating impressive new looks.

Realistic at any color

Virtual contact lenses from Banuba interact with human eyes in a way that accurately simulates physical products. They look natural no matter the user's original eye color.

Why Banuba Virtual Try-On Solution?

Improve sales

When customers try-on lenses virtually, they see realistic results that motivate them to buy.

Unique experience

Hygiene issues make it impossible to try on physical contacts. Virtual try-on doesn't have this problem.

Improve user experience

Virtual contact lenses don't have to be lifelike. Some of them are outlandish and suited to stunning original looks.

Personal assistance

A dedicated manager will always get your questions answered quickly.

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