Banuba Alternative to Bytedance SDK (TikTok SDK)

If you need TikTok-like effects, Banuba Face AR SDK provides them in an easy-to-integrate package. While having similar variety, it offers higher quality of effects, especially when it comes to face touch-up and virtual makeup.

Advantages of Banuba Face AR SDK

Unique tracking features
Face AR SDK offers precise detection of all facial features, hands, and even nail length. 16 types of virtual cosmetics. It is also cross-platform, supporting mobile, web, and desktop.
Industry-leading touch-up
When applying face touch-up, Face AR SDK retains the person’s skin look and texture instead of blurring everything. This helps remove imperfections and camera distortions without changing the user’s intrinsic features.
Background separation quality
Banuba SDK includes expanded virtual background options: static images, videos, GIFs and 3D environments. Handheld items are detected as a part of the person.

Banuba Face AR SDK vs Bytedance SDK

Banuba Bytedance
Mobile support (iOS, Android)
Web support
Dekstop support (MacOS, Windows)
Face tracking
Multi-face tracking
Face recognition
Face recognition bounderies ignore forehead
Face filters
Morphings 28 dimensions 19 dimensions
Skin touch-up The texture is preserved
Natural look
The skin texture is blurred
Unnatural look
Sclera whitening
Background separation
Background separation quality Clearer separation, clear borders Low-quality separation
Background types Static image, videos, Gifs, 360-degree backgrounds Static image only
Physics effects
AR makeup
Works with different skin tones
Professionally looking makeup
Low-quality technology (implemented as a mask/3D effect, with no segmentation)
Makeup products types 16 5
Detects eyebrow shape
Eyebrow makeup Correct application Incorrect application
Hands segmentation
Handheld object segmentation Detects a handheld item (smartphone)
as part of the object
Detects a handheld item (smartphone)
as part of the background
Nails try-on and detection
Length and shape of the fingernails detection and estimation
Demo application

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