Touchless User Interface

Create convenient interactions and make your apps stand out with AI hand tracking and gesture recognition.

Touchless UI Enabled With Gesture Recognition

Our hand tracking and gesture recognition algorithms detect locations of the hand in real-time allowing you to implement touchless interfaces that can be controlled contact-free using gestures.

  • A cleaner and better visual experience as users interact remotely
  • Hygienic and comfortable no-touch user interface
  • A faster and easier way to interact with screens and devices
  • Effortless controls with gestures and swipes
  • Custom scenarios for gesture meanings
  • Compatible with a broad range of hardware devices


Bring interactive touchless experiences and gesture-based interfaces that work robustly and in real time.

Hand Detection and Tracking

Our hand tracking algorithms find the “hand box” and start tracking 11 points of the hand including fingers, fingertips, palm and wrist allowing to estimate hand position and attitude in the real-time.

Gesture Recognition

Our gesture recognition system identifies specific gestures in real time and matches it with our dataset meanings like “ok”, “palm’, “V” or “stop”. Users can control interfaces, devices, or screens via hand gestures without the need to touch any buttons or surfaces.

Repeat Customer Tracking

Our face awareness technologies allow tracking of repeat customers anonymously. It generates a unique number to each face detected in front of the camera, saves it to the database and then detects matches allowing businesses to estimate the retention rate.

Touchless UI You Can Implement With Gestures

  • img_gesture_select@2x
    Select items


  • img_gesture_confirm@2x
    Confirm actions


  • img_gesture_cta@2x
    Action e.g. add items to cart




Predefined hand signs

Our gesture recognition system classifies different types of gestures based on the internally trained hand skeleton model. You can assign any commands to these hand signs.


Custom gesture training

We can train any amount of additional gestures within a couple of weeks helping you to implement the desired touchless UI scenario.


2-meter distance

Our hand tracking, gesture recognition and face awareness technologies support up to 2 meters allowing for comfortable remote interaction with the screen.


Face awareness

Our face detection and tracking technologies are optimized to recognize the presence of the user in front of the camera in real-time with different real-world conditions like lighting, face occlusion and different skin colors.

System Requirements

Our  technology is compatible with PCs, MicroPC, TVs, tablets, vending machines with touch monitors, and other hardware equipped with the camera. It uses the device's existing camera to recognize hand positioning and turn gestures into commands.


iPhone 5s or higher
Open GL ES 3.0
Objective C, Swift


Android 7.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration


Android 7.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration

Brands That Trust Banuba

How The Process Works

  • 1. Inquiry

    You tell us your use case and hardware details where you’d like to implement the touchless UI solution.

  • 2. Consultancy

    We advise the best implementation scenario, test if our technology matches your hardware and discuss licensing terms.

  • 3. Integration

    We provide a dedicated manager and technical specialist who will assist you with integration.

  • 4. Trial

    You can test our technology in a real-world environment before signing a contract and launching it on a large scale.

  • 5. Launch

    If you are satisfied with the performance, we sign a contract and you can implement the touchless UI solution in your business.

  • 6. Support

    We support you all the way and track technology performance, helping you to resolve any possible issues.

Touchless UI Use Cases

Give the users the feeling of more natural and effective interaction with interfaces.

  • ATMs
  • Vending machines 
  • Smart home devices e.g. accept/reject a call 
  • Interactive in-store mirrors 
  • Live broadcasting 
  • Interactive ad panels and displays

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