AI SDK for Clipping on Mobile

Let your users create video content easily. Boost session length and retention. No templates required.

AI SDK for Clipping

Making exciting viral videos should be simple and accessible. Banuba’s AI SDK for clipping (autocut) uses artificial intelligence to combine different videos, add effects, and insert music with a few clicks. The user only needs to select the right inputs.

Integrating this SDK dramatically decreases the development time compared with building a similar feature from scratch.

How it works

How it works

  • User selects videos
  • AI SDK processes the content
  • User can edit the finished video 
  • The results are exported

Benefits of AI SDK for Clipping

Longer sessions

Enjoyable videos entice users to spend more time in your app.

Higher retention

Wealth of content and ease of creation will make people return to your app over and over.

More UGC

People don’t have to learn complicated editing tools to create fun and engaging videos.

Reduce development time

Getting the autocut feature only takes a few hours instead of a few months.

  • More user-generated content
    With AI SDK for clipping, anyone can be a content maker. The system is intelligent enough to combine the fitting elements of separate videos and apply the most impressive effects. As a result, even people who are unfamiliar with editing can create something new and exciting.
  • More active users
    The availability of diverse and interesting content will keep users coming back to your app. Moreover, higher viewer counts will motivate creators to release more videos, launching a self-reinforcing loop. 
  • Easy integration
    Whether your app is a dedicated photo/video editing kit, a social media, or something else entirely, Banuba’s autocut is easy to add to it. Integration takes a few hours, sometimes even minutes. On the other hand, creating the same functionality from the ground up requires a team of developers and several months.
Why Banuba

Why Banuba

– Rapid integration
– Many extra features available: trimming, virtual backgrounds, autocaptions, picture-in-picture, etc.
– Supports native technologies, React Native, Flutter
– Documentation and support available
– 8-years as a market leader in Augmented Reality development

AI SDK for Clipping vs Video Templates

  • Faster creation

    With clipping, making a video is much quicker. Instead of selecting the right template and trying to match the beat of the track, the user can just select the right input and let the AI do the work. And they can re-generate the clip.

  • Better results

    Artificial intelligence SDK more accurately locates the main object of the video. Then the creator can use an expansive suite of effects to optimize the piece of content to the target audience and make it more enjoyable.

  • More variety

    Templates make similar content by design. AI clipping can experiment and vary the resulting videos even with the same request. This gives users more choices and ultimately increases session time.

  • Constant improvement

    AI SDK for clipping includes cutting-edge neural networks. With each request they learn and improve so that they can provide the best results. Templates are static and will not evolve under any circumstances.

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