Video Editor SDK/API for Photo And Video Editing Apps

Video Editor SDK/API for Photo And Video Editing Apps

Give your users all the self-expression tools they need and cut time-to-market in the process.

Comprehensive SDK for Photo And Video Editing Apps

Banuba Video Editor SDK/API provides all the tools your users need to create impressive and shareable photos and videos. It includes core editing features (trimming, cropping, etc.) as well as advanced effects that allow for making truly viral content.

Color Filters (LUT)

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You have the ultimate creative freedom to adjust all aspects of your video with color corrections.

Preset Filters

Select from our collection of Instagram-like filters to showcase your unique style.

Custom Filters

If you can't find the perfect filter, no problem! Our API enables you to upload most custom filters.


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Utilize your screen space to the fullest and combine multiple videos into one screen. Create video reactions and duets using picture-in-picture, with a range of layout options and video positions.

Transition Effects

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A transition effect is a visual effect that connects two pieces of media, animating the shift between them. These effects facilitate seamless scene changes between shots, helping to maintain user engagement and elevate the style of your projects.

Background Swap

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Custom backgrounds provide various benefits for both users and developers. They enhance privacy protection, expand creative possibilities, and can be utilized in diverse ways.

Video Effects

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Accelerate content creation times with our video processing API.

Multiple Filters

Limited only by your creativity, our API enables multiple filters on a single video.

Familiar and Unique Effects

An extensive catalogue of familiar effects from platforms such as TikTok as well as new effects such as “Rave”, “Cathode Flash”, and “Soul”

Easy integration

Easy integration

With cross-platform framework compatibility and distribution as Maven packages and CocoaPods, integrating Banuba Video Editor SDK is a breeze.

Other use cases

  • Social media

    Banuba Video Editor SDK is designed for short TikTok-like videos. It can save up to 50% of development time when creating a new social network.

  • Lifestyle apps

    Let your users share their hobbies with others or make interesting and engaging vlogs.

  • eCommerce

    From product reviews and promotional videos to instructions, Banuba Video Editor SDK is fit for all kinds of eCommerce content.

  • Education apps

    A perfect tool for microlearning content, instructions, guides, and more. With cutting-edge effects, learners of all ages will be impressed.

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