Banuba Partner Program

Banuba Partner Program

Augmented reality market is worth over $25 billion. Our partners and we have never been in a better position to succeed.

Why partner with Banuba

Why partner with Banuba

Work with a product used by companies like Samsung and Gucci. Add value to your offering. Earn more.

Benefits for you:

  • Reputable products to resell
  • An additional income stream
  • A way to make your software projects more efficient
  • Technical and informational support
  • A Patented technology with unique features

Enrich your offering with Banuba products

Help your clients increase conversion rates, decrease returns, boost engagement, and expand their feature sets. Good traction with companies in Retail, eCommerce, Videoconferencing, Social Media, Game Development, and other industries.

  • TINT – makeup virtual try-on

    The ultimate personalization tool that analyzes the person’s face, recommends the most fitting products, and displays them with unmatched quality. This naturally increases sales and shrinks the return rate. 

    • Accurate seasonal color analysis (SCA)
    • Fully automated recommendations engine
    • Try-on of separate products or entire looks
    • Web-based – available on almost any device
    • Integration in 2-4 weeks.
  • Banuba Face AR SDK

    A powerful tool to increase conversions and engagement in eCommerce and video communications apps. Keeping users in the app and making them excited about the products raises metrics across the board.

    • Makeup try-on
    • Glasses try-on
    • Head and hand jewelry try-on
    • Virtual backgrounds
    • 3D masks
    • Avatars
    • Flutter and React Native support

  • Video Editor SDK

    A full-fledged mobile video editor in one convenient module. Fully compatible with Banuba SDK for more effects and higher quality. Available as an SDK and as an API.

    • Trimming & merging
    • Audio editing & effects
    • Picture-in-Picture mode
    • Color effects
    • 3D masks
    • Virtual backgrounds
    • Royalty-free music provider integration
    • Music browser
    • React Native and Flutter support
Discuss partnership opportunities with us

Demanded Technology

You can help businesses decrease time-to-market, drive engagement, raise sales, and diversify their products. Banuba SDK is used by companies in Videoconferencing, UCaaS, Social Networking, Retail, Marketing, and other verticals, making it a flexible and popular product.

Top-Notch Product

Being our partner means working with a product that is trusted by global brands like Gucci and Meta as well as a host of mid-sized businesses around the world. Your clients will be happy you recommended us.

  • Banuba Face AR SDK is a ready-made module that can place augmented reality filters on people, change backgrounds, add virtual makeup, touch up faces on camera, and even let people try on jewelry, glasses and hats. It can be integrated into an existing app or a project in development so that the developers don’t have to make all these features from scratch.
  • Banuba Partnership program allows you to resell Banuba Face AR SDK and get rewarded for it. Everyone wins: you earn money, Banuba gains more sales, and the end users get a great product.
  • Software development companies, eCommerce technology integrators, retail solutions developers, and other companies whose clients might gain value from augmented reality.

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