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AR Mirror

Boost sales and customer satisfaction with
the perfect blend of physical and digital.

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Cutting Edge AR/AI Beauty Solution

  • Enhances the physical shopping experience
  • Lets customers combine multiple products in one look
  • Increases sales
  • Decreases returns
  • Reduces staff workload
  • User-friendly interface

No-touch Augmented Reality Display

Banuba's software empowers in-store smart mirrors with unique features that improve customer satisfaction, protect people's health, and offer them new try-on possibilities.

People can control the system with simple, intuitive gestures. It is more hygienic and more enjoyable.
Health-conscious shoppers can still try headwear, eye makeup, and other products even if they are wearing medical masks.
Allows groups of customers to try various products simultaneously for a fun bonding experience.
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Augmented Reality Screen Use Cases

Augmented reality displays bring high-tech functionality to regular stores, combining the best of both worlds. They help people enjoy shopping more and strengthen the store owner's bottom line.

Unlimited testing

People can use an AR mirror to try multiple products and their combinations without requiring any help from staff. Moreover, virtual testing kits are infinitely reusable, saving the store money.

Prepared shoppers

Customers that tested the virtual items already know what they want. They won't need assistance, which means the staff can offer the others more attention and better care.

Multiple product categories

AR mirror software from Banuba supports trying on makeup, jewelry, headwear, eyeglasses/sunglasses, watches, and more.

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