Augmented Reality for Dental Tech

Augmented Reality for Dental Tech

Alleviate your patients’ anxiety. Attract more business. No headset required.

Dental Tech AR

AR teeth whitening filters are affordable and bring tangible benefits even to mid-sized practices. Its visual appeal inspires confidence and helps visitors commit to procedures. Thanks to the professional and high-tech image brought by augmented reality, dental practices that use it tend to outperform competitors.

Results demonstration

With cutting-edge AI teeth whitening filters, you can show patients the expected results of the real-life procedure. The image is natural, realistic, and precise, as the effect doesn’t affect lips. This helps deal with the patients’ anxiety before the bleaching.

Remote consultations

Teeth whitening simulator can be integrated in a video conferencing app and used to demonstrate the results to patients on their mobile phones. Together with the expert opinion of your medical professionals, this will bring more business.

AR teeth whitening benefits

Patient confidence

Seeing the expected results of the bleaching inspires confidence in patients.

More sales

Impressive visuals during live presentations and ads attract new people to your practice.

Brand recognition

Implementing the latest technology positions your company as the one that provides the best service.

Why teeth whitening filters by Banuba

Why teeth whitening filters by Banuba

  • Works on mobile, web, and desktop
  • Online and offline modes
  • No special hardware required
  • Realistic, natural-looking whitening
  • Supports any enamel color
  • Proprietary technology covered by relevant patents
  • Smooth performance in real-time
  • Quick technical support
  • 14-day free trial available

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