The world is going camera


We’re sculpting a future where the camera is more than just a camera. Where it is a lifestyle companion that ignites creativity, removes communication barriers and makes it effortlessly possible to transform our happiest of moments into lovely digital memories.

A story worth a thousand words

Our Story

Don’t worry. We’ll keep this short. Before Banuba was Banuba, it was an artificial intelligence laboratory obsessed with bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


This obsession led our founders to a rather unique pairing: augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence and... the camera.


The result? Banuba. An audacious fast-moving startup creating bigger-than-life camera technologies for both brands and people that can fit right in their back pockets.


Join our rowdy bunch of pioneers

We are an agile team of marketers, hustlers, dreamers, tech wizards and trailblazers revolutionizing the customer experience one camera at a time.

based in Minsk, Belarus
on the market
patent applications
patent applications
in the USA, EU and Australia

For partners & clients

  • FaceAR SDK

    Power your apps with amazing AR features that users will love.

    • Face Filters
    • Green Screen
    • Beautification
    • Face Analytics
    • Avatar
    • Studio
  • AI solutions

    Bring innovative experiences to your consumers and streamline your business.

Our Backers

VP Capital

Global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector.

Larnabel Ventures

Venture capital fund of Larnabel Enterprises focused on the investment in the IT sector.


You might have seen us in...

— AR experience that is way more sophisticated than Snapchat’s or Facebook’s selfie filters.
— Making the algorithm more accurate than standard facial recognition methods.
— Bringing the real world and real humans back to the communication.

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