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We develop technologies for the most innovative and functional use of camera that translates into people’s creativity, comfort and joy.

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We’re creating innovative technologies. One that will have a huge impact on how our future will look like.


We're the space where ideas buzz. We never stop thinking of how to conquer the world by doing things we enjoy most.


From groundbreaking remote HR monitoring or dataset robot that teaches machines to teach themselves — things we do are complicated but fun.

Our openings

PPC Manager

At Banuba, PPC plays an integral role in supporting the business’s growth ambitions as a biggest augmented reality platform. A high-profile channel, PPC is responsible for driving rapid and efficient growth thanks to serve ads in almost every country on Earth.

As PPC Manager you will be a self-starter who will help us continue to innovate and remain best-in-class. You will have a deep understanding of PPC and the ability to lead projects that result in sustainable growth across our key markets and beyond, as well as communicating passionately and effectively with other teams and senior stakeholders. You will also be responsible for the management and development of one PPC executive.


  • Devise and develop the PPC strategy to maximize performance and achieve ROI (including Google Ads, Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook ads as well);
  • Management and delivery of testing and optimization roadmaps;
  • Manage the budget in line with the strategy and ensure that monthly spend is on target;
  • Deliver regular paid search KPIs;
  • Working alongside other channels (e.g. SEO, Display) to identify areas for collaboration or improved efficiency;
  • Communicating effectively with Product Marketing Manager on performance, strategy and updates in the industry;
  • Stay up to date with industry trends and best practices by collaborating with the team internally and attending key industry events;
  • Being a go-to subject matter expert for all things PPC;
  • Ensuring the PPC tech stack is fit-for-purpose and implementing new tools where required


  • Minimum 3 Years’ experience in similar role;
  • A real subject matter expert with comprehensive knowledge of PPC;
  • Experience managing large scale PPC projects;
  • Data-driven – highly competent with data analysis and forecasting;
  • Strong communication and persuasion skills;
  • Highly proficient with Google Ads, Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook Ads;
  • Experience with analytics suites, e.g. Google Analytics;
  • Preferred: Experience with - or good understanding of – other digital marketing channels, e.g. Display, SEO, Affiliates, Paid Social, CRM;
  • Preferred: Experience using SQL
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Android Developer

Banuba Development is a computer vision centric startup based in Minsk. We embrace technology and believe in the power of machine learning.

Augmented reality is expanding at a fast pace. Innovations are booming. To be ahead in technology, Banuba Development is developing a mobile app designed to create and share AR videos. 

Banuba Development are high-class professionals. Now we are looking for an Android Developer to make us even stronger.

The ability to work with augmented reality technologies, the creation of modern mobile applications, continuous improvement, a friendly team - all this awaits you at Banuba. Come to us!


  • Development of Android applications using Kotlin, RxJava;
  • Development and support of the main architecture of the application;
  • Development of application business logic;
  • Development of custom UI components for the application;
  • Work on optimizing application performance, profiling, eliminating memory leaks;
  • Implementation of system libraries into the application based on the developments of the internal department of the company;
  • Implementation of promising technological solutions into the project, making proposals and recommendations for the technological development of the application;
  • Interaction with a team of UX designers, designers and back-end developers.


  • At least 3 years of experience in developing client applications for Android;
  • Deep knowledge of Java and the standard library;
  • Strong knowledge of Android API19 + and its main components;
  • Experience with Kotlin from a year;
  • Experience in using architectural approaches MVVM / MVP;
  • Strong knowledge of OOP, design patterns;
  • Basic understanding of algorithms and data structures;
  • Experience in using DI frameworks;
  • Skills of using GIT;
  • Experience in using reactive programming approaches;
  • Experience in creating custom UI elements and complex animations;
  • Understanding the principles of multithreading and synchronization;
  • Skills in profiling and optimizing application performance.
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Unity Developer (Product Development)

Banuba Development specializes in the development of mobile applications in the categories Entertainment, Photo & Video, Health & Fitness.

We invite a Unity developer to the TeasEar project.

TeasEar is a game aimed at bringing benefits to people.

TeasEar is the # 1 app in its segment.

TeasEar is:

  • 5,325,000 iOS installs in 2019
  • The most realistic slimes in the App Store and Google Play;
  • ASMR in the best traditions of Youtube vloggers;
  • Mono-product at the very beginning of the journey;
  • Fast time to market.



  • Working on a potentially large product using the latest solutions in Unity3D.


  • 2+ years of experience in mobile development (iOS and Android) on Unity3D;
  • Experience with FB SDK (sharing, working with user data);
  • Experience with AssetBundles;
  • Good knowledge of Unity3D toolkit (Unity UI, Lighting, Profiler, Unity IAP, Animation, Physics 2D and 3D);

Nice to have

  • Experience with Amazon S3
  • Experience in writing shaders and creating graphic effects;
  • Experience in creating visual effects using particle systems;
  • And also the ability to work with: Mesh component (generating forms at runtime); Zenject (Dependency Injection Framework); ScriptableObject, Job System, Threads
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Senior iOS Developer (VideoEditor)

Banuba development is a company that develops mobile products based on computer vision, each of which has its own technologies developed by the R&D department of the company. 

Due to the expansion of our team of professionals, a vacancy for an iOS developer in the AI Videoeditor SDK team is open in Banuba. 

If you are interested in advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, machine vision - you are the one we need!


  • Development of new functionality for an actively developing project;
  • Solving tasks for working with the camera, UI, business logic of the application, purchases (subscriptions), working with the network;
  • The opportunity to solve complex interesting tasks related to rendering, reducing memory usage and improving application performance


  • At least 3 years of iOS applications development experience;
  • Ability to write simple and understandable code;
  • Strong knowledge of iOS and frameworks (UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, GCD);
  • Knowledge of the Swift and its capabilities (you are suitable for us if you know Objective-C with confidence and want to switch to Swift);
  • Basic understanding of algorithms and data structures, principles of working with multi-threading;
  • Understanding the principles of memory management;
  • Understanding of OOP, architectural approaches (MVC, MVVM, MVP, VIPER, RIBs) and design patterns;
  • Experience in creating / maintaining frameworks is appreciated.
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C++ Developer

Banuba development specializes in the development of augmented reality technologies and mobile applications using them.

At the moment, we have several cool applications that millions of users around the world enjoy using. We make applications with "smart" beautification in real time, various effects, images, masks, creative make-ups - everything that helps people create unique content on their social networks.

Now we are looking for a C++ Developer.


  • Prototyping, development and optimization of machine learning algorithms in C ++ together with the R&D team;
  • Support of the development process at all stages of the life cycle - from prototype to implementation.


  • Good knowledge of modern C ++;
  • Understanding of GPU principles and experience with 3D graphics;
  • Sociability and proactivity.

Nice to have

  • Experience in cross-platform mobile development in C ++ (iOS, Android NDK);
  • Experience in writing high-performance applications, optimization for mobile devices;
  • Knowledge of ML basics, especially NN and DL;
  • Knowledge of Python
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SMM Manager

Banuba Development is a fast-growing company in Minsk that develops mobile applications based on computer vision. We believe in high technology and the union of machine learning and creativity.

Banuba Development are high-class professionals. Now we are looking for SMM Manager.

Constant improvement, interesting tasks, a purposeful and friendly team - all this awaits you at Banuba. Come to us!


  • Maintenance and development of the company’s clients social groups (FB, Instagram);
  • Developing and implementing our social media strategy;
  • Graphic design of publications and posting on the social networks;
  • Planning activities to increase the existing subscribers involvement and the new
  • subscribers number;
  • Photo and video content preparation;
  • Copywrite preparation;
  • Work with bloggers and influencers.


  • Excellent written English is a must,Upper intermediate level (B2) is required, the advanced level (C1) is preferable;
  • At least 1 year of working experience with social networks;
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or another graphics editor;
  • Experience of work with analytics services.
  • Understanding how Instagram and TikTok tools work;

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Game Designer

Banuba is developing a gaming direction and is looking for a Game Designer to create a casual mobile game.


  • Calculation and adjustment of game balance, game economy and monetization systems;
  • Development of concepts and mechanics from the planning stage to implementation:
  • Development of prototypes, formation of concepts and hypotheses with subsequent testing on the product audience;
  • Creation of documentation;
  • Interaction with the project team.


  • 2+ years of experience as a Game Designer;
  • Experience with mobile casual games;
  • Experience with game analytics;
  • Understanding the principles of balance and monetization of free-to-play games;
  • High level of proficiency in Excel functionality for building economic models and data visualization (experience in Tableau will be a plus);
  • Basic understanding of Unity for adjusting game balance;
  • Understanding the features of mobile development for creating game mechanics from a visual, logical and functional point of view;
  • Understanding the target audience, their preferences and expectations.
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Product Manager

As a Product Manager, you will play a critical role in defining the overall product strategy and roadmap for our new apps. The Product Manager role is a strategic and business-oriented role focused on delivering innovative solutions to meet evolving market needs. This extends from increasing the profitability and adoption of existing products to developing new and competitive products on behalf of the company.
The Product Manager will manage the product through the entire product lifecycle, including gathering market and business requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with teams across the company to implement and execute on that vision to deliver products to market.


  • Scope of gaming products (mini-games);
  • Creation, testing of hypotheses, prioritization of the creation of games based on our own research and marketing research;
  • Preparation of requirements, development, analytics of interaction with games, improvement of these indicators;
  • UX and consistency between games;
  • Logic (start of the game, connection in the process, etc.);
  • Tutorial and onboarding for games;


  • 2 or more years of product management experience;
  • Excellent communication, presentation and leadership skills;
  • Technically savvy, able to work with development and engineering teams;
  • Excellent teamwork skills and ability to influence and lead cross-functional teams;
  • Ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently, and the drive to lead teams to execute on defined vision;
  • Fluent English.
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Some perks we have

  • Medical insurance Medical insurance
  • Parking refund Parking refund
  • Professional training Professional training
  • idea Internal knowledge sharing program
  • Book library Book library
  • English classes with native speakers English classes with native speakers
  • Gifts for significant events Gifts for significant events
  • Corporate events Corporate events
  • Special bonus card with lots of discounts Special bonus card with lots of discounts
  • Equipment Great modern equipment
  • manager Professional management
  • friends Supportive and friendly working environment

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