Beauty AR SDK

Beauty AR SDK

Effortlessly enable natural looking beautification in real-time using beauty AI & AR tools.

AI & AR Technology for Beauty


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Offer users the chance to experience flawless and effortless digital makeup.

  • Eyeshadow of any color & transparency.
  • Eyeliner for the upper or lower eyelid.
  • Eyelashes of any length & color.
  • Blusher applied to upper cheeks.
  • Highlighter applied to nose, center forehead & chin.
  • Contour applied to the lower cheeks and upper forehead.


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Empower your video apps with real-time face touch up technology . The all-in-one filter features:

  • Skin smoothing, hide wrinkles.
  • Skin tone enhancement to make it lighter or darker.
  • Face morphing to slim down the cheeks and nose.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Expressive eyes effect to add glare to the eyes.
  • Eye makeup to overlay eyelashes and eyeshadows.
  • Color correction.

Acne Removal

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Subtly correct any skin blemishes with our powerful feature recognition neural network. The neural network recognizes the presence of skin defects on a user's face and retouches them based on the user's skin color. Users can remove skin defects in photos automatically or manually tapping on the desired area making their skin look perfect.

Neck Smoothing

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Reverse time and look younger using our neural networks trained to specifically target the neck area.

Works in tandem with face-based AR effects to create realistic content.

Skin Smoothing

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Achieve truly natural looking perfect skin no matter what skin tone or colour you have.

Works in conjunction with our other Face AR effects in real-time or during post-processing.

Eye Bag Removal

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Whilst other solutions only recolour and blur the under-eye area, our neural network applies natural lighting in order to more naturally remove eye bags and dark circles.

Technical Features

Makeup filter

Real-time: 35-40 FPS avg.
Photo: < 1 sec. processing time

Skin smooth

Real-time: 20-30 FPS avg.
Photo: 1-2 sec. processing time

Retouch filter

Real-time: 18-30 FPS avg.
Photo: 1-2 sec. processing time

Eye bag removal

Photo: < 1-2 sec. processing time

Neck smooth

Photo: < 1-2 sec. processing time

Acne removal

Photo: < 1-2 sec. processing time

Virtual Beauty Experience

Beauty AR SDK enables real-time face beautification with fast and accurate performance. It helps developers to integrate face touch up and makeup filters into their iOS, Android and Web apps. The filters work on video calls, photo, video editing and live streaming apps. With just a tap, users can elevate their selfies or video meetings.

  • Engage users with face modification tools
  • Inspire video communication with makeup and beauty filters
  • Boost user-generated content offering
  • Make users comfortable about their front-facing cameras

Array of Immersive Applications

Video & Photo Editing

Achieve professional grade video qualities time after time with an easy-to-use automatic background remover

Video Calling

Make face timing intimate and private with customisable backgrounds.

Live Streaming

Create the perfect surrounding environment and add video effects in real-time to improve engagement levels with streamed content.

Social Networking

FIght camera shyness and promote the creation of viral content

Video Conferencing

Boost meeting productivity levels by enabling users to focus on more important matters than their appearance.

Music & karaoke

Leverage beautification technology to create a truly immersive musical experience.

Why Banuba

  • Maximise user engagement with facial enhancements.
  • Inspire social interactions by removing barriers to interaction such as a lack of self-confidence.
  • Our rigorously trained and tested algorithms improve your Go-To-Market strategy.
  • Our solutions are designed and optimised for a wide range of devices, covering 97% of iOS and 80% of all Android devices.
  • Banuba’s R&D specialists cater to more complex requirements involving custom tech dev.
  • Long-term commitment to delivering new features developed by our R&D team.
  • Trusted by global enterprise partners including Gucci, RingCentral, Samsung.
  • Yes, we provide a 14-day free trial of all SDK features for you to assess its performance in your app.
  • The basic beautification filter is represented as a single 3D face filter. It requires just face tracking technology. Other beauty AR features are implemented as neural networks trained to perform a specific task, e.g. remove eye bags or apply virtual lipstick. To use them in your app, make sure to include them in your licence plan.

  • You can use the basic face beauty filter as a standalone filter in video conferencing and live streaming apps to enhance the camera experience or as part of face filters. It includes:

    • Skin smoothing
    • Skin tone enhancement
    • Face morphing
    • Teeth whitening
    • Expressive eyes effect
    • Eye makeup
    • Color improvement (LUT)


  • Yes, you can call beauty AR and makeup try-on features in your app separately using the API methods. Please, refer to the Face Beauty API and Makeup API overview for the integration samples.


  • The Makeup API and Beauty API are using the same face effect, so you can combine their features in your app. Please, the code sample.

  • It means using augmented reality to enhance people’s appearance. This technology is popular in the beauty industry and social media, the domains where users are especially conscious of their looks.
  • A ready-made module that can perform various beauty AR-related functions. They are often used to decrease time-to-market and initial investment in development.

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