Glasses Virtual Try-On

Glasses Virtual Try-On

Inspire purchases through real-time 3D virtual try-on in your website or mobile app. Precise item fitting, lifelike product looks, and a frictionless try-before-you-buy experience – something your customers will return to again and again.

Technical Features

Banuba SDK supports Web, iOS, Android, Mac and Unity. The minimum OS versions are iOS 10/Android 6. A 1280x720 camera is recommended.


OpenGL ES 3.0+
Android 6.0, API level 23+
iOS 10.0+, iPhone 5s+, Metal API


OpenGL 4.3+ (4.1+ for MacOS)
Windows 8.1+
MacOS 10.13+, Metal API
VC++ 15+ runtime available


WebGL 1.0+ (for SDK 0.x versions: WebGL 2.0+)
Mobile: Chrome, FireFox, Samsung Browser, Safari.
Desktop: Chrome, FireFox, Safari.

Eyeglass Frames Virtual Try-On in Action

  1. Works on low-end devices and top smartphones alike
  2. Advanced face tracking for precise eyewear placement
  3. Easy product selection and checkout
  4. Realistic looks, gravity, lighting, and motion
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Why Banuba Virtual Try-On Solution?

Increase engagement

Virtual try-on isn't just commercially viable – it is fun. People will spend hours in it

Decrease refund rate

Give the buyers what they want so they will keep the products they purchased

Fast Integration

A simple process and a dedicated customer success manager to help you

Lifetime support

Free updates and improvements to Banuba SDK for as long as you remain with us

Precise Face Tracking

Our face tracking algorithms detect a face and its parts – lips, eyes, or hair. Paired with augmented reality, the technology allows for accurate glasses placement, virtual makeup, hats, and other objects.

Realistic Representation

Your products look realistic and fit perfectly thanks to our superb rendering engine. The technology transfers natural colors, texture, lighting and creates real-world object physics. The camera-based virtual try on experience visually corresponds to the real one.

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