Reality Framework

Create apps with Snapchat-like filters
using our Augmented Reality SDK toolkit and libraries

Beauty &
AR Makeup

Engage users with AR beauty and makeup in your video apps,
try-on websites and photo booth


Add filters from our catalogue
or create yours with our AR development platform

Face Tracking

Build cross-platform augmented reality apps with
face filters, 3D effects, avatars and emojis in Unity

Augmented Reality SDK

Banuba AR development platform lets you augment faces at ease. Our mobile AR SDK supports the most popular frameworks: iOS, Android, Unity, Swift, and Web. It has over 70 mln MAU and empowers a wide range of AR communication and E-commerce apps. Explore the next generation of Face augmented reality.
AR Beauty and Makeup

Engage users with real-time AR beauty and makeup try on features. Be it a video chat, live-streaming or e-commerce app, our Face SDK brings the most realistic beauty camera experience to your app.

Face Filters and 3D Masks

Immerse your users with realistic Snapchat-like filters, lenses, and 3D masks enabled with face tracking. Add an element of virality to your app with 3D experiences your users will want to share with everyone.

AR Filters in your Unity app

Our Unity Augmented Reality SDK lets you integrate face tracking filters, AR beauty and background removers in your Unity game or app.

Mobile video editor for social apps

Grow your app organically with the help of user-generated content. AR Video Editor SDK allows your users to create short videos like in a TikTok video editor.

Create your AR effects
Our Augmented Reality Platform lets you bring your creative visions to life. Design your own AR filters and add them using our SDK. The possibilities are truly endless.
AI Video Editor SDK

Bring in all TikTok features into your app with one Video Editor SDK

  • Face AR, LUTs and video effects
  • Slowmo, 2x Speed
  • Beautification on/off
  • Slideshow
  • Audio editor, text and GIF
  • Trimmer, concatenation

Banuba Face AR SDK White Paper

Explore how to build amazing augmented reality apps with 3D filters, animation, and beauty effects.

Create Augmented Reality With Ease

The fastest face tracking and most versatile camera effect platform for mobile AR. Empower your app with face augmented reality.

Case Studies

Brands and businesses are using our augmented reality software to engage with their customers and scale their growth. Learn success stories about companies like yours.

Looké: Makeup Try-On App
  • The entire line of brand’s beauty products available for virtual try-on
  • Gamification, reviews, recommendations, and social features
  • The first mobile app of this kind in Indonesia
  • 55.000+ installs - a great result for a niche cosmetics brand focused on one country
Jalsa: Short video social app
  • Helping young audiences express their talents with video creation.
  • Record 15-second video clips using a built-in mobile video editor.
  • Easy and intuitive video editing features.
  • Most popular and trendy video processing effects.
  • Fun AR filters to apply in live mode or after recording.
Chingari: Indian short-video sharing platform
  • Users create and share entertaining content using video editing features and effects.
  • Awards based on how viral the video becomes.
  • Uniquely Indianised AR filters.
  • Video and audio editing tools similar to TikTok.
  • 550,000 downloads in just ten days, over 2.5 million downloads total.
TJ Media
  • Korea-based seller of the karaoke equipment wanted to make the digital karaoke experience easier and more enjoyable.
  • Banuba provided face touch-up technology that lets users look their best while singing karaoke. They can enhance their appearance with fun, beauty face filters from our catalog. The Face AR technology helped to increase user satisfaction in both iOS and Android apps and motivated people to sing more.
Chamoji App
  • Chamoji app allows users to create stunning selfie and share their precious memories on social media.
  • With Banuba technology, users expand their language of expression and creativity, applying AR face filters, beautification, virtual makeup, hair coloring and animated backgrounds. The variety of Face AR features enabled with Banuba SDK keeps users entertained for a long time and makes them return to the app for new masks and features.
AR photo booth
  • The US-based production agency Blue Pixel Creates implemented a creative marketing campaign dedicated to football events. They equipped a 'Sunday Night Football Bus' with a AR photo booth.
  • Through the Banuba technology fans could try on AR masks, take videos and photos with event-based backgrounds and share on social networks. The AR photo booth provided a more exciting experience. The selfie sharing promoted the event on socials.
  • On a mission to democratise the influencer market, MNFST [Manifest] app allows people to promote brands and get rewarded for it.
  • To make the content creation easy and engaging, Banuba provided Face AR features: face filters, beautification, virtual makeovers, 3D backgrounds. Users create trending videos, become influencers and grow their audience and use Face AR tools to draw attention to social and ecological problems.

Brands That Trust Banuba

  • Banuba Augmented Reality Platform is a set of computer vision technologies, frameworks and libraries to bring any Face AR functionality imaginable to any device and platform. 

    Our AR Platform is more than just a development toolkit. It includes 

    • Face detection and tracking, extremely fast and accurate. It instantly sees the face in 3D and overlays the AR experience. 
    • AR SDKs and 3D Rendere that enable face augmentation features in your app and ensure the most realistic experience.
    • Asset Store, a collection of engaging production-ready effects.
    • AR Cloud lets you deliver hundreds of effects to your app and keep it lightweight.
    • Studio tools that help you create custom augmented reality for your app.

    This way, we provide an entire ecosystem that helps brands and developers to grow their business through ultra-immersive augmented reality apps and experiences.

  • For businesses and developers looking to build successful communication apps, Banuba offers the most powerful and feature-rich Face AR SDK.

    Face AR SDK allows developers to integrate Snapchat-like filters and Beauty AR tools into any app or website. 

    By a tap, using just a front-facing camera, users can magically change their appearance, augment and beautify themselves, effortlessly animate the backgrounds and much more.

  • For app developers looking to boost user-generated videos and grow their apps organically, Banuba offers Video Editor SDK.

    Video Editor SDK lets you integrate a TikTok-like functionality into your app. Face filters, beautification, animated backgrounds, video effects — our SDK provides a full range of features that make mobile video creation a breeze.

    Inspire users to create short videos. Engage them with industry-best Face AR filters. Build active communities where people self-express with video.

  • You can use our AR SDKs and platform tools to develop AR Communication and AR Commerce mobile and web apps.

    Photo & video apps 

    • Add more value to your app with unique face editing features
    • Create viral face modification apps and filters, e.g. find your celeb twin

    Digital marketing

    • Promote your product, event or brand with custom filters
    • Engage audiences cross-channel, on mobile, web and offline with on-the-spot AR photo booths

    Live streaming 

    • Let streamers generate creative content using AR camera to drive audience and inspire donations
    • Introduce innovative monetization options, e.g. masks for donation

    Video chat apps

    • Animate day-to-day communication with masks, avatars and live emoji
    • Improve video communication and make it more fun with AR
    • Let users send creative video messages within your chat

    Video conferencing 

    • Improve the quality of video calls with face touch up filters
    • Add privacy to virtual meetings with background removers

    Social networking apps

    • Allow users to create professional videos, vlogs and stories 
    • Edit, smarten up and express users’ identity in selfies

    Music & karaoke apps

    • Transform users into famous artists and singers
    • Create thematic filters to add vibes to your app

    Dating apps

    • Go on 1:1 AR video dates 
    • Add filters as ice-breakers to inspire live conversation
    • Record creative videos and add them to your profiles 


    • Visualize lessons to help learners better understand the topic
    • Increases attention and involvement with AR

    Social games

    • Motivate players to socialize in AR chats
    • Develop face AR games where users control the gameplay using facial expressions

    AR commerce

    • Increase sales and brand awareness with try on for makeup, glasses, jewelry on your website or mobile app.
  • Our mobile AR SDKs support iOS, Android platforms, so you can develop native AR apps with For cross-platform and hybrid development, you can also try it for your React Native, Flutter and Ionic apps, however, we don't provide integration out of the box. 

    We also provide Augmented Reality SDK for Unity which brings face filters, beautification and background remover cross-platforms to Unity games and apps.

    Our Web AR SDK allows you to embed face masks, makeup try on and background replacements to websites using our web APIs and JavaSript code.

  • With our AR SDKs, developers can drive more organic traffic to their apps, increase user-generated content, and introduce new monetization options.

    • Boost engagement, user session and content sharing with engaging Face AR features
    • Scale organic traffic with user-generated content (UGC) easily created in your app
    • Improve retention with new AR content updated monthly and new features added to your app
    • Save time and money on development by integrating ready features
    • Minimize time to market and save on content creation by licencing ready AR assets
  • Sample Filters & Documentation

    SDK features are documented and include code samples. You’ll have sample effects which you can customize per your needs.

    Easy Integration

    Our AR SDKs are easily integrated with third-party software, C++ libraries and mobile frameworks like Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

    Clean Code

    Our SDK components for Face AR go with API with documented methods on feature usage, customization and integration.


    Our technologies are optimized for minimal power consumption, low data size and memory usage. We can provide the minimal configuration of Face AR SDK of 13 Mb.

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