Photo Editor SDK

Photo Editor SDK

Skyrocket engagement and user-generated content with a feature-rich SDK that can be integrated in minutes.

Trusted by 100+ clients across the globe


Tools that will keep users coming back to your app:

  • Facial feature editing to negate camera distortions
  • Virtual makeup to highlight natural beauty
  • Captions and overlays for virality
  • Background replacement for style
  • Augmented reality masks for fun

Photo Editor SDK

With Banuba Photo Editor, you can easily give your users all the tools they need to create visually impressive, compelling, and shareworthy content. Its feature set will fit both casual and professional needs, while integrating requires only a few lines of code.


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Replace the existing background with a blur or a completely new image, no green screen needed.

Face touch-up

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Let people look their best on camera with skin smoothing, teeth whitening, lip size changing, and more.

Teeth whitening

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Let users elevate their photos with the advanced teeth whitening feature, delivering natural-looking results thanks to precise face feature tracking.


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Ultra-realistic virtual cosmetics applied precisely where they should be.


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With over 40 effects to apply, your users will be able to create plenty of shareworthy photos and skyrocket your app's engagement.


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Add text to any part of the picture, change its color and size, and edit it until it's perfect.

Use Cases

  • Photo/Video apps

    Cut the development time by up to 50% by integrating a ready-made photo editor.

  • Social media

    Let users make photos that people want to like, share, and comment on.

  • eCommerce

    All the tools one needs to quickly make and improve product pictures.

  • Lifestyle apps

    Help people show off their hobbies, careers, and other things they are passionate about.

  • Marketing

    The effects allow for increased virality that, in turn, boosts marketing metrics.

  • eLearning

    Give educators an effective way to make learning materials on the fly.

Platforms & Technical Requirments

Banuba Photo Editor SDK runs on iOS and Android.

  • iOS

    iOS 14+
    iPhone 6s+
    Swift 5.9+
    Xcode 15.0+

  • Android

    Kotlin 1.4+/Java 1.8+
    Android OS 6.0+ with Camera 2 API
    OpenGL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)

  • Photo editor SDK for iOS is a ready-made module that can perform photo editing and can be easily integrated into an app for Apple devices. The main advantage of it is cutting time-to-market, as the features don’t have to be made from scratch.
  • Photo Editor SDK for Android is a complete retouching suite that can be quickly integrated in an Android app. It includes face morphing, virtual makeup, background replacement, AR masks, and other features for turning regular selfies into shareworthy content.
  • Photo editor SDKs are not free. However, some (e.g. Banuba SDK) have a pricing model independent of the number of MAUs, which makes expenses predictable and easy to calculate.
  • You can find the Video Editor SDK documentation and integration samples on our GitHub page:

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