Interactive AR Makeup Tutorial

Interactive AR Makeup Tutorial

Excite and retain customers with personalized guides.
Show them the best way to apply and combine your products.

Online Makeup Tutorial by Banuba

Banuba's AR (augmented reality) makeup guides offer customers a solution to the confusion and uncertainty that comes with applying makeup. The interactive technology provides users with a clear understanding of the details and how to correctly apply products. In addition, this technology can help your brand stand out from the competition by creating a wow-effect.

Why Banuba

  • Over 8 years in the Augmented Reality industry
  • Proprietary ultra-accurate face tracking technology
  • Realistic cosmetics interaction with all skin tones
  • Supports trying on multiple products
  • Available on web, mobile, and desktop devices
  • Fully-automated recommendation system
  • 22.000 makeup products already digitized

How AR Makeup Tutorial Solution works

  1. A user selects the tutorial they are interested in
  2. The system shows the correct places and moves on the user’s face
  3. The recommendations on the screen help understand how to apply makeup
  4. The user can take a step back to double-check their work
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Specific and personalized

The AR guides from Banuba show how to apply the makeup to the face of each individual. This ensures that the customers are confident in each step of the guide as well as each product.

Integrated AI recommendations

AR makeup studio/ Virtual makeup studio can be integrated with advanced machine learning systems that help select the most fitting products or product combinations. This gives customers the maximum amount of personal attention they crave.

Advantages of interactive makeup tutorial

Higher sales

Personalized attention and precise instructions inspire confidence in purchases.

Lower returns

Customers will keep the cosmetics that fit and are easy to apply.

Better retention

Detailed and specific instructions keep people coming back to your brand for guidance.

Effective marketing

Stand out from the crowd and impress both new and old buyers.

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