Unity Face Tracking & 3D Face Animation

Unity Face Tracking & 3D Face Animation

Build cross-platform Face AR apps with our Unity 3D face tracking technology. Engage users with face filters, facial animation, 3D masks and live emojis.

Face AR Enabled with Our Unity Face Capture

Engage & immerse users with amazing Face AR experiences. Our face detection & tracking SDK allows you to add Snapchat-like lens, AR effects, live emojis & animated backgrounds into Unity games & apps for iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows & Mac.

  • Multi-Face Tracking

    Create the shared AR camera experience with real-time multiple faces detection and tracking in Unity. Our plugin can track up to 6 faces simultaneously and overlay AR filters - one for all users or unique on each. Let players have fun together.


  • Face Filters

    Bring 2D or 3D masks and AR effects in your Unity projects. Our plugin includes 30 face filters that you can change per your needs. You can entertain users with the most sophisticated and realistic effects. Add masks with funny beards or hairstyles. Create beauty effects with vivid animations or realistic virtual try on for glasses, hats or jewelry.


  • Animated Backgrounds

    Let users erase and replace backgrounds in real-time. Change their physical surroundings into 3D virtual backgrounds or animated wallpapers. Place videos and AR objects on existing backgrounds. It’s a great way to add fun to video calls and your users will appreciate it.


  • Face AR Games

    Allow players to control the game using triggers. Design face filters with small scenarios enabled with user facial expressions like mouth opened, smile, raised or shifted eyebrows, and opened or closed eyes.


Technical Features & System Requirements

  • iOS

    iOS 10.0+iPhone 5s and later

  • Android

    Android 6.0 (API level 21)

  • MacOS

    MacOS 10.12+

  • Windows

    Windows 10+



  • 3D face mesh with 3308 vertices
  • Debug mask tracking 86 landmarks
  • Triggers support
  • Multi-face detection
  • Vertex mapping
  • Offline work
  • Doesn’t require server


Banuba Unity Face AR Tracking

Why Banuba Unity Face AR

Why Banuba Unity Face AR

  • Engage users with AR assets optimized for Unity
  • Streamline your work with face filters
  • Integrate easily using documentation and samples
  • In-house R&D center focused on Face AR
  • Customize our masks per your needs
  • Design and upload new masks
  • 100% proprietary technology
  • Fast technical support
  • Regular updates and new features

Brands that trust Banuba

Brands that trust Banuba
  • The SDK cost is calculated based on its features, the number of apps and platforms for which you're developing your face filter app. Please, see more details here.

  • You can see an example of Unity Face AR on the web platform here. Please, use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  • The Action Units support might not be perfect and requires improvement. We're still working on bringing in full-featured live avatars to Unity, but we welcome you test this feature as part of the trial and create basic facial animation in Unity.

  • The plugin can track around 6 faces on desktop and around 4 faces on Unity Android/iOS. Usually, it depends on the screen borders.

  • You can create and upload your custom AR filters into the Unity face tracking plugin.

    Read Tutorial: How To Create AR Face Filters in Unity

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