Unity Face Tracking

Add realistic AR face filters, facial animation, 3D masks and live emojis to your Unity apps with Banuba’s Unity 3D face tracking technology.

Face AR enabled with our Unity face tracking 

Our Face AR SDK supports Unity 3D face tracking enabling you to replicate Snapchat-like lens, AR effects, live emojis in Unity. It can be easily integrated with your Unity projects or used to build cross-platform AR apps from scratch.

Try the basic version of our Face AR plugin at Unity Asset Store or get in touch with us via the website form to unlock all features and 30+ Unity face filters.


Unity Face AR Components

Face Filters
  • Face Filters
  • Virtual try on
  • Virtual Background
  • Face Filters

    Bring face filters, 2D or 3D masks and AR effects in your Unity projects. Our plugin includes 30 face filters that you can modify per your needs. You can create the most sophisticated and realistic effects with a variety of graphical features that will keep your users entertained. Add masks with funny beards or hairstyles. Create beauty effects with vivid animations. Add virtual try on masks with glasses, hats or jewelry. Design your custom filters to add them in Unity or use the ready ones from our collection featuring over 600 AR face filters.

  • Virtual try on

    Allow consumers to try on products in augmented reality. Our Unity Face AR plugin enables the most realistic real-time "try before you buy" experience that will help you to engage consumers and boost your revenue. The plugin includes 4 try-on packs for eyewear, headwear, hairstyles and accessories. You can use them separately to show one item at a time or combine them in mixed looks.

  • Virtual Background

    Let users erase and replace backgrounds in real-time. You can replace their physical surroundings with our beautifully designed 3D virtual backgrounds, animated wallpapers, or videos per your choice. Add animation and AR objects to existing backgrounds. It’s a great way to add fun to video calls and your users will appreciate it.

Unity Face AR Features

  • 3D Face Mesh

    We build a 3D model of the face with 3308 vertices to map face filters in real-time. The high polygon face mesh forecasts the appearance of the face in the subsequent frame increasing mask stability and precision.

  • Face Landmarks

    You can use the face mesh debug mask featuring 86 landmarks to track face filter performance.

  • Triggers

    Design face filters with small scenarios enabled with user facial expressions like mouth opened, smile, raised or shifted eyebrows, and opened or closed eyes.

  • Multiface Support

    Build and apply AR filters in Unity to multiple users simultaneously — one effect for all or different for each person. Depending on the system capabilities, 5-8 faces can be tracked on desktop and 2-3 on mobile.

  • Cross-platform

    Single Unity face tracking plugin that enables face filters and avatars in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web projects

  • Easy Integration

    You get use samples with scenes, 30 masks featuring different use cases, examples of camera usage and documentation to get started easily.

  • Support

    We support you all the way with our product and update our technology with new features that you get at no extra cost.

Unity Face AR Features

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS / Android
  • Web
System Requirements
  • Any mobile platform: ARMv8
  • Android 5.1 (API level 21)
  • iOS 10.0+; iPhone 5s and later
  • Web: WebAssembly support required
System Requirements
  • Any mobile platform: ARMv8
  • Android 5.1 (API level 21)
  • iOS 10.0+; iPhone 5s and later
  • Web: WebAssembly support required


  • What is Unity Face Tracking Plugin?

    Unity Face Tracking Plugin allows developers to create cross-platform apps in Unity with custom Snapchat-like lenses, animated effects, face filters and 3D masks.

    The plugin is presented with Lite and Business versions which differ in the scope of features and support terms.

    For the Lite version, view the Asset Store Page.

    For the Business version, please, get in touch with us via the website form.

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  • How do Lite and Business versions of Unity Face Tracking Plugin differ?

    Unity Face Tracking Plugin offers Lite and Business versions which differ in features and possibilities.


    • Single-face tracking
    • 6 face filters 
    • Post-purchase support
    • Free life-time updates and bug fixing of the purchased plugin

    The Lite version is best-fit for individual developers and small teams who consider developing simple Face AR apps and games in Unity.


    • Multi-face tracking
    • Background segmentation to remove and change backgrounds
    • 30 face filters for entertainment or virtual try-on per your choice 
    • Face filter design per your idea
    • Filter customization from our Catalogue featuring over 600 face filters 
    • Technical support 

    +Coming Soon Features

    • Face Touch up to beautify uses 
    • Face Morph to change facial features in size 

    The Business version is made for businesses and software teams who consider building feature-rich Face AR apps and projects in Unity and who want to quickly integrate professionally-designed AR masks. 

  • Can I create custom Unity Face Masks?

    Yes, you can create and upload your custom AR filters into Unity face tracking plugin.

    Read Tutorial:

    How To Create AR Face Filters in Unity

  • Can I get a Free Trial?

    We provide the 14-day free trial for the Business version of Unity Face Tracking Plugin. Please, get in touch with us via the website form to get the trial.

    As for the Lite version of Unity Face Tracking Plugin, the Asset Store doesn't allow us to provide the trial. Please, read carefully the plugin description, explore the package content, and view our resource information. We welcome your question if you need additional information to make the decision about the purchase. 


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