What’s Banuba SDK pricing?

Face AR SDK pricing model

Banuba Face AR SDK pricing model determines the final cost the client pays for using our software. It's based on the following principles:
  • License-based. One license unit allows for one app on one platform. 
  • Feature-based. The cost of the license is calculated based on the ordered SDK features and platforms.
  • Scalable. You can extend the Minimal Kit of features. The SDK cost changes respectively. 
  • Flat. You pay the same amount of money for a particular set of SDK features. It doesn’t depend on the number of users. Unlike with MAU-based pricing, you can easily plan your budget and gain profit as your app grows. 
  • Named. The purchased license is associated with a specific app and client and can’t be shared with other parties.

The cost depends on your requirements

Face AR SDK pricing depends on the number of apps you want to develop, platforms and features. You may also license AR content or order custom services from us.

1. The number of apps and platforms 

One license unit = 1 app for 1 platform:

  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Web (HTML5)
  • Unity (iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows, Mac)

2. Features

You pay only for the features you need. The Minimal Kit includes features for building immersive and high-quality face filter apps. The Added Value Features extend Face AR possibilities for makeup try on.

Minimal Kit

Added Value Features

Single-face tracking Multi-face tracking
3D Rendering Engine Animated backgrounds
Basic beautification Hair Recoloring
Filter Editor Eye coloring
Other: Scripting engine, audio playback, interactive triggers, photo editing mode Skin coloring (Foundation try on)
Lips coloring (Lipstic try on)


Please, refer to the SDK Features list or contact your sales manager to check the availability of the feature on a specific platform. 

3. AR Content

If you have designers in your team, you may create your AR assets. We provide tutorials and effect samples. Please, refer to the Effect Construction section.

If you don't have designers or want to launch your app quickly with quality AR assets, you may license or purchase our filters from our AR Catalog. It features over 600 masks optimized and tested on real users. You can change filters monthly or quarterly to keep the audience engaged.

4. Custom Services

We provide the following custom services charged on time&material:

  • SDK customization or integration. Our developers can customize Face AR SDK features for your app or provide professional integration services.
  • POC features development. We can train the neural network for a specific Face AR/AI task or develop unique features for you.
  • AR asset development. Our Art Team can customize or design unique filters per your concept.
  • Project Mentoring. We developed over 10 Face AR apps. Our Project Leads can help you plan, launch or scale your project to maximize your revenue.

To get Face AR SDK price calculation, please, share the details of your project via the website form. Describe your use case, requirements and technology stack.