What’s the price for the Banuba Face AR SDK?

The pricing for Banuba's Face AR SDK (Face AR SDK) varies based on the specific use case and the chosen pricing model. For an accurate price estimate and details on the features included for your use case, it's essential to discuss your specific needs with your designated Account Manager.

The Face AR SDK is commonly utilized for the following use cases:

  • Enhancing hardware camera capabilities
  • Video conferencing for business, education, entertainment, streaming, and webinars
  • Virtual try-on applications for makeup, skincare, and hair dye
  • Virtual try-on for eyeglasses
  • Virtual try-on for jewelry

Depending on your use case, the following pricing models are available:

  • Price per device
  • Price per Monthly Active User (MAU)
  • Minute bundles
  • Annual subscriptions

Additionally, we offer various professional services, including:

  • SDK Customization: Tailoring the Face AR SDK features to better suit your application's specific needs.
  • SDK Integration: Assistance with integrating the SDK into your app.
  • Proof of Concept (POC) Features Development: Creating new neural network-based technologies for specific Face AR or AI tasks, or developing other unique features as per your requirements.
  • AR Asset Development: Our Art Department can design or modify unique effects based on your concepts and requirements.
  • Project Mentoring: Given our experience in developing over 10 Face AR apps, our Project Leads can offer guidance in planning, launching, or scaling your project.

To get a personalized pricing offer for the Face AR SDK, please fill out the trial request form on our website.