10 Best Unity Face Masks To Increase User Engagement In Your App

Are you a Unity developer seeking to enhance your app or game with augmented reality to increase user engagement and in-app sessions?

A Unity face mask and AR filters are among the most engaging immersive experiences you can provide to end-users.

This post will guide you through 10 types of face masks in Unity that help boost your app's involvement by letting players change their appearance in the camera.

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10 Best Unity Face Masks and 3D Objects for Apps

Banuba provides Unity Face Tracking SDK that allows you to create mesh masks in Unity that overlay augmented reality filters on the player’s face. You can superimpose 3D objects to the face and implement real-time Snapchat-like lenses that follow face movements. Or add 3D face animation and let creative scenes come alive in the camera. 

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You can easily add high-quality AR effects, lenses, and a Unity face mask to enhance and improve the quality of your app. All the filters are adjustable, and you can play with colors and textures. 

Integrate realistic next-gen filters to your Unity app. Below, we list the most popular types of AR effects that have proved to resonate well with most users.

1. Glasses

glasses, beard unity 3d maskUnity face Mask: Glasses

The AR glasses Unity face mask is a must-have for poker games and a safe choice for live streaming, virtual rooms, or any other social games. Players needn’t or don’t want to hide their faces for privacy purposes but rather overlay AR accessories for fun. You can recreate realistic frames of popular brands for fully functional e-commerce virtual try-on apps. Or go creative designing fabulous eyeglasses.

2. Hats

virtua hats unity 3d maskFace Mask Unity: Hats

Such a Unity face mask as virtual hats and caps can help set the mood of your game or characters and don’t require much design effort. Create stylish hats or let users experience realistic virtual hats of popular brands in 3D.

3. Animation

unity 3d object animation filterUnity Face Mask: Animation

Add immersion and let players feel the vibe of your game with fancy 3D animation. You can animate 3D objects in Unity camera, make them move on a given trajectory, and place it behind, in front of, or right on the players' faces. 

4. Helmets

helmets unity filter maskUnity Masking: Helmets

Does your game take place in a mysterious world, a certain historical period, and involve interesting character outfits? Make sure to add them using thematic virtual helmets. Players can turn themselves into their favorite warrior, fighter, knight, Viking, or another character per your choice. 

5. Beauty effects

mini mouse beauty filter unityUnity Face Mask: Beautification

While men may prefer brutal filters, most women are sure not to miss beauty effects and fantasy makeup filters. Flower crowns, cute animation, fascinating accessories, fashion looks - let the beautiful part of your app audience upgrade their unity camera experience and enjoy more creative ways of self-presentation. 

6. Beards

virtual beards Unity maskFace Mask Unity: Beards

Let users have fun overlaying virtual beards, realistic or fancy. Add entertainment filters to your AR mask collection or create a virtual facial hair try-on app in Unity with a variety of grooming ideas. Surprisingly, these hot-trending filters are favored by all people - the bearded, the beardless, men and women alike - and are sure to make our video chat game go viral.

7. Seasonal

beauty filter unity3D Unity Masking: Seasonal filters

In the same way, like game publishers roll out seasonal promo campaigns, you may promote your game with holiday face filters. They can bring a hint of diversity to your game and help you drive users organically, as more players are willing to share a game stream or selfie to celebrate a holiday.

8. Game characters

unitycorn ar filter unityUnity Face Mask: Game characters

Nothing makes us more engaged in a game than game characters. Augmented reality filters can turn a player into their favorite character who appeal to their traits. Or we may associate ourselves with characters based on their appearance. You can design high-quality Unity 3D masks with rich graphics that transfer some of the distinctive hero traits or replicate their in-game looks from head to toe. 

9. Face paint

face mesh mask unity filterMask 3D Object Unity: Face paint

Unity masks can cover a part of the face or overlay a full-face mesh mask allowing users to maintain privacy in the game video chat. A 3D mask precisely fits the face while still allowing players to show emotions and stay human without revealing their identity.   

10. Mixed looks

mixed look unity 3d maskMask 3D Object Unity: Mixed looks

Let your imagination go creative. Inspire users to discover new styles, looks, and moods by trying on AR filters in your Unity app. You can combine the designed assets, e.g. glasses, hats, beards, and others into a single mask. Create new personalities or add celebrity masks to your app. 

What’s Next?

  • Discover how our Unity Face Tracking SDK empowers developers to create cross-platform apps with face filters. Start your free trial of the Business version with 30 AR filters if you are a company.
  • Create your AR masks and follow easy steps to integrate them into your app.
  • Add filters to your Unity game, live streaming app, or integrate AR masks with Agora video chat to bring players face-to-face in real-time.

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