AR Conferencing & Live Streaming

AR Conferencing & Live Streaming

Virtual webcam SDK with advanced AR features for video communication, conferencing & live streaming apps.

Enhance Video Communication with AR

Video chat API for developers to build video communication & AR streaming apps.

Add privacy to video meetings where users can remove backgrounds
Bring in virtual video calls with marvellous face augmentation filters
Enhance live streaming with touch up filters that beautify user appearance

One Video SDK for Video Calling Apps

Our video conferencing software makes video calls more engaging, safe, and fun.

  • Virtual Background

    Let users erase and replace backgrounds in video calls automatically. You can replace their physical surroundings with our beautifully designed 3D virtual backgrounds or allow custom images for background replacement. Add animation and AR objects to existing backgrounds.
    It’s a great way to add fun to video calls and your users will appreciate it.

  • Beauty Filters
    Empower your live streaming app with a beauty camera. Let users apply instant touch up filters and enjoy video communication. Our SDK combines skin smoothing, teeth whitening, face morphing and virtual makeup all in one filter. It fixes camera distortion and adds brightness making video meetings a pleasure, not torture.
  • Filters & Avatars
    Turn video calls into fun augmented reality meetings with real-time facial animation. Our SDK knows no limits with face augmenting filters. Our Asset Catalogue features over 600 best filters, all tested in live apps. In no time, you can embed amazing AR masks in your video conferencing or live streaming app and be sure your users will love them.
Try it in your browser with just a camera

Technical Features

Our virtual webcam features including Face Filters, Face Touch Up and Background Remover run on devices with a 1280x720 camera (recommended) and min 30 FPS.


OpenGL ES 3.0+
Android 6.0, API level 23+
iOS 13+


OpenGL 4.3+ (4.1+ for MacOS)
Windows 8.1+
MacOS 10.13+
Ubuntu 18.04+
VC++ 15+ runtime available


WebGL 2.0+
Mobile: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Samsung Browser.
Desktop: Chrome, FireFox, Safari.

Trusted By 100+ Global Businesses

Our AR SDK provides integration with Agora bringing virtual backgrounds, beauty filters and AR masks to the leading video calling and streaming platform.

SDK Applications

  • Video call & chat apps

    Improve the quality of video calls with face touch up filters.

  • Video Conferencing

    Add AR features to your web application to make communication more fun.

  • Live Streaming

    Bring immersion to live streaming adding face filters, background removers & beauty AR features for the web.

  • Enterprise teleconferencing

    Promote your product, event or brand with custom filters.

  • Vlogging platforms

    Allow users to create professional videos, vlogs and stories.

  • Messaging & social networking apps

    Improve video communication and make it more fun with AR.

Why Banuba Video Calling API?

  • Easy to integrate: Seamlessly add virtual webcam features with video calling APIs, libraries & mobile frameworks.
  • Immersive features: Add virtual backgrounds, beautification & face filters to your video call app.
  • Assets catalog: 1000+ high-quality AR filters that you can license in your app.
  • Fast performance: State-of-the-art face tracking is optimized to work on any device & platform with different lighting conditions while preserving high video quality.
  • Multi-face: Our SDK supports multi-face detection (up to 6 faces simultaneously).
  • Technical support: We help you with integration and provide ongoing post-launch support.
  • “AR streaming” means adding virtual objects to a live video feed from a third party. This is achievable through AR-enabled video SDKs (e.g. the one from Banuba).
  • There isn’t one that is the best in 100% of the cases. One video chat API would fit casual conversations more, another video conferencing solution would be better for professional settings. You should try various options and find the one that suits your needs.
  • A dedicated application programming interface for working with a video conferencing software. Imagine a coffee machine: you don’t have to know how it works to operate it, you just push the appropriate buttons. An API is a collection of such “buttons” for an application.
  • You can either build your own custom video conferencing platform or use a third-party SDK. The first option is much more expensive in the short term and takes several months to develop and launch. It is, however, cheaper in the long run. The SDK is cheaper in the short term and quick to integrate, allowing you to go to market sooner.

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