Web AR

Web AR

Let users experience augmented reality on your website using our Web AR kit. Build engaging web AR apps, immerse customers and visualize your product in a few lines of code.

Real-Time 3D Augmentation on Web

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Web-based Augmented Reality & Face Tracking

Our face tracking SDK for the web accurately recognizes the face in real-time letting users experience 3d content via the camera. Users can instantly try on products, overlay face filters and animate backgrounds right from their browser on mobile or desktop, with no app to download.

Webcam Face Filters
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Engage users with Web AR filters that look like magic and have the most realistic animation in the world. Design facial animation effects or virtual product try ons.

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Let users try on glasses, jewellery, hats, piercing and other face-related products. Integrates with any web store via Javascript code.

Virtual Makeup
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Add virtual makeovers to your web store allowing visitors to test makeup before purchase. Combine looks, personalize makeup recommendations, build makeup web tutors - no limits with beauty AR technology for your web store.


Hair Color
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Create realistic AR hair color representations on your website. Build a virtual hair color try on experience for your store or integrate it into your web-based photo editor app.

Background Changer
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Let users automatically remove and animate backgrounds. Integrate real-time background subtraction with your web application or web communication service.

Web AR Features

Web AR Features

  • Face Detection & Tracking: single & multi face
  • Rendering engine: 3d modelling & animation, Image-based lighting, Physically based rendering, Animation billboards, Morphing, Physics, HDRI, Multisample anti-aliasing, Sprite animation, LUT.
  • Hair segmentation for real-time hair coloring
  • Lips segmentation for lipstick try on with matΠ΅ and gloss textures
  • Background segmentation to remove, blur and animate backgrounds

    Browsers Support: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Application Fields

Create your Web AR applications for various fields. Overlay 3D objects, face mesh masks or beauty effects letting users enjoy a browser-based augmented reality experience.

  • Education

    Inspire learners with AR filters & virtual backgrounds on educational platforms.

  • Video Conferencing

    Add AR features to your web application to make communication more fun.

  • Live Streaming

    Bring immersion to live streaming adding face filters, background removers & beauty AR features for the web.

  • Games

    Immerse players into your game & help them socialize with filters & effects integrated into video chats.

  • E-Commerce

    Boost purchases & facilitate product discovery with virtual try-on added to your web store.

  • Advertising

    Make your web campaigns more engaging & accessible through no-app augmented reality.

  • Photo Booth

    Build interactive photo booth experience with real-time webcam AR video processing & photo capturing.

  • Photo & Video Editors

    Integrate beautification, filtering & background animation into your web editors to let users enhance their photos & videos at a click.

Why Web AR SDK

Why Web AR SDK

Our Web AR framework runs on HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems. For a truly immersive cross-platform no-app AR experience.

  • Works without the need to install an app
  • Optimized for real-time face tracking on mobile browsers
  • Fast integration via JavaScript code
  • Easy access to AR content via link
  • Full privacy with no user data collection
  • Factionless instant user onboarding
  • Ready Web AR filters
  • Compatible with Web content standards that support 2D and 3D, such as HTML and WebGL

  • Web AR technology lets you embed augmented reality experiences on a website and display it in real-time on the face via the web camera.

  • Web AR SDK is integrated on the front site of the web application and executed on the user browser. It runs in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on any device, no app required. Users need just enable the web camera.

  • Yes, users can experience your Web AR content in real-time and via photo.

  • Yes, our Web AR filters and backgrounds can be used together with Agora video call and streaming services. Please, see the integration sample.

  • Yes, you can integrate our Web AR frameworks into most popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others. The integration is done via JavaScript code.

  • To understand how our Web AR framework works and check the documentation integration samples, please visit

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