Body Segmentation

Body Segmentation

Extract the person in videos to replace backgrounds or overlay AR body effects.

AI Person Segmentation

Power your video app with body recognition technology to place any background behind the person. Entertain users with Snapchat-like body effects for photo booths and mobile apps. Our person segmentation software makes the process a breeze.

  • Real-Time

    Our Body Segmentation is based on the Fully Convolutional Neural Network. It classifies the input image pixels into a human silhouette or the background and builds a dynamic body mask. The technology lets you extract backgrounds or overlay an AR body effect in real-time and videos.

  • High Precision

    We precisely segment the person with different lighting conditions, body angles and a variety of backgrounds. It runs smoothly in real-world surroundings, not just studio-like videos.

  • Full Body

    Body segmentation supports a longer distance compared to selfie segmentation. Users can move in front of the camera and see themselves at full height with virtual backgrounds. The person must be within the camera view not smaller than half of the input image length.



  • Multi-body
  • No physical green screen needed
  • Stable output with different body angles and movements
  • Adapted to low lighting, outdoor or in-store use cases 
  • Cross-platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Compatible with Face AR

Application Fields

Take your video communication to the next level. Our body recognition software works well with video conferencing, live streaming and photo booth apps.

  • Video Communication

    Bring more freedom to video meetings where users can step back from the camera while talking and keep their background hidden.

  • Presenting

    Replace backgrounds with video presentations or demos. The presenter is embedded like a weatherman for the most effective marketing pitch.

  • Photo Booth

    Create interactive photo-booths where customers are placed into any surroundings.

  • Virtual Mirrors

    Captive users with more powerful AR experiences that work at a longer distance and capture their attention at instant.

  • Photo and Video Apps

    Power your users with the fastest and easiest way to erase and change backgrounds by a tap.

  • Tourism and Retail

    Let customers teleport to any place with a 3D view of a room, location or your hotel.

Technical Features & System Requirements


Top iOS devices down to iPhone 7


Android 5.1 (API level 21)


All browsers
Why Banuba’s Technology

Why Banuba’s Technology

  • 100% proprietary technology and published patents
  • Guaranteed data privacy and compliance with GDPR due to offline work
  • Technology development and optimization for client’s hardware
  • Own R&D center focused on Face AR
  • 7-year team expertise in AR content development and design
  • Trusted by global brands, enterprise partners like Gucci, Samsung, RingCentral
  • Fast support and team member consultancy
  • Hands-on experience in face tracking app development and release

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