AR SDK for photo booth Software

Enhance your photo booth software with stunning AR effects. Boost ROI through a new level of immersion and engagement.

Trusted by 100+ clients across the globe

The Most Immersive Photo Booths Effects

Custom AR filters. Real-time experience reacting to user’s touches and mimics. Supports all major platforms. Works with all cameras. Fast to install. Easy to run.

Face filters

Fun and detailed 3D masks that turn people into animated characters. Stylish stickers adding flair or cuteness.

  • Over 1000 possible options
  • Partial or full face coverage
  • Fully 3-dimensional, supports head tilt

Help people look their best by removing skin imperfections and camera distortions. Whiten their teeth, remove wrinkles, even-out  their skin tone -- the sky's the limit.

  • Multiple effects can be combined
  • Supports all skin tones
  • Effect intensity can be regulated
Virtual backgrounds

Replace the backdrop with a high-quality image of a beach, another planet, or seabed. The ultimate creative tool for individual and group photos.

  • Works with still images, GIFs, and 3D environments
  • Supports multiple people in one picture
  • Can be combined with other effects
Multi-face tracking

A group of friends can select a single filter for everyone or a separate one for each person. 

  • Multiple effects per photo
  • Up to 16 people in one picture
Touch-based interactions

Let your clients control the booth with a simple and intuitive interface. 

  • Single- and multi-touch support
  • Responsive controls
  • Touchless mode available
Triggers and AR Games

Create exciting games that your customers can control with their facial expressions. Excite people with cool effects launched by specific movements (smiling, winking, etc.).

  • Custom game development available
  • Programmable triggers
  • Animated effects
Test Face filters and
Background replacement online
Why AR photobooth software dev kit by Banuba?

Why AR photobooth software dev kit by Banuba?

  • Unique patented technology
  • Internal R&D department with Ph.D.-level staff
  • 8+ years on the Augmented Reality market
  • Trusted by famous brands including Gucci and Samsung
  • Custom effect development services available
  • Over 1000 possible effects, including 3D masks, virtual backgrounds, face touch-up, and more.

Success Stories

Marketing Campaign
Marketing Campaign

Providing a Multi-Platform Production Agency with face filters integrated into AR photo booths that foster video & photo marketing & ad campaigns.

  • Face Filter SDK for Android
  • Background segmentation for green screen virtual background changer
  • Custom filter design services and filter licencing from Banuba catalog
sMedio: AR features for a Video Conferencing App
sMedio: AR features for a Video Conferencing App
  • Virtual backgrounds, scripting engine, rendering engine, face touch-up
  • The application is installed on over 500.000 devices
  • AR features on display in 3000 shops in Japan

An engaging random live chat with AR features.

  • 20M installs
  • 4B+ matches
  • 15M Banuba feature launches per month
TJ Smart Song List
TJ Smart Song List

Increasing user satisfaction in karaoke app with face filters and beautification for iOS and Android

  • Licensing face filters from Banuba catalog
  • Beautification with skin smoothing, skin tone correction, eyes and teeth whitening, face morphing
  • Users can browse AR masks (Game faces) to play and unlock them for game bonuses

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