VideoEditor SDK Alternative

Banuba Video Editor SDK provides a valid alternative to Imgly SDK. It has many more video editing options and is designed to save time on integration.

Advantages of Banuba Video Editor SDK

Complete video editing toolkit is designed primarily for photo editing. As such, it doesn’t have hands-free mode, picture-in-picture options, or voice effects.
Rapid integration
Banuba Video Editor SDK is distributed as Maven packages and CocoaPods, which helps implement it in mere hours.
Higher performance
Thanks to thorough optimization, Banuba Video Editor SDK runs smoothly even on lower-end devices.

Imgly SDK vs Banuba Video Editor SDK

Cross-platform framework support React Native, Flutter
Export speed
1 effect, 8-second video, 2160x3840
3 seconds 17 seconds
Speed effects
Wide angle iOS camera
Mute audio or turn on/off micro
Music browser
Voice effects / voiceover
Music provider integration Mubert
AR cloud
API version

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