Makeup AR

Makeup AR

Augmented reality makeup
indistinguishable from the physical one.

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Ultra-realistic digital makeup at no cost

Makeup Augmented Reality

This is a multifunctional technology for beauty brands that can raise online sales, combat anxiety, increase confidence and more. It has the most traction with eCommerce, Video Conferencing, and Social Media domains, although it can be used in a variety of other industries.

  • Unparalleled realism
    The virtual makeup looks exactly like physical one on a real person. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, lighting adaptation, and realistic interaction with natural skin tone, no one will notice that the cosmetics are virtual.
  • Look creation
    Users can apply multiple products at the same time and swap them out in one click. This adds more freedom of expression and allows people to look their best on camera.
  • Accessible anywhere
    Banuba’s makeup AR technology supports native Android and iOS, as well as Flutter, React Native, Web, Unity, and Desktop platforms. This means that people can use beauty effects anywhere, including on smart mirrors in brick-and-mortar stores.
Why Banuba Makeup AR

Why Banuba Makeup AR

  • Patented technology developed by an in-house R&D team
  • Compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws, as no information is gathered or stored
  • Optimized for both high- and low-end devices
  • Regular updates and upgrades
  • 7+ years on the market
  • Trusted by global brands like Samsung and Gucci

Makeup Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • eCommerce

    Provide a great makeover experience and watch your sales grow.

  • Advertising

    Save money and time in preparing a model for a photoshoot.

  • Social Media

    AR helps with self-expression and making viral content.

  • Video Conferencing

    Help users quickly prepare for important calls and look their best at all times.

Free makeup digitization
Rapid creation of ultra-realistic AR copies of your cosmetics. Under 24 hours to digitize the entire collection. The offer is valid until July 1, 2024

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