Hair color changer

Hair color changer

Robust and realistic hair color virtual try-on for eCommerce, fashion, beauty, social media, and other industries.

Online Hair Color Changer

Thanks to advanced AI and the latest in augmented reality technology, hair color changer from Banuba allows for hyperrealistic looks. It supports both natural and bright neon colors, as well as different shapes for different strands. It also works with any hairstyle, in low light, and far from the camera.

  • Hair color virtual try-on
    It can work as a standalone feature or be combined with other forms of try-on (makeup, jewelry, glasses, hats, etc.) for a comprehensive try-before-you-buy experience. You can even add virtual backgrounds (e.g. a shop or a party) for additional wow-effect.
  • Hair color changer SDK
    The virtual hair color try-on is a part of Face AR SDK — a flexible solution that works on almost any device with a camera and an Internet connection. It can be integrated in a matter of hours, allowing you to quickly gain all its business benefits.

Technical Features

Face AR SDK supports Web, iOS, Android, Mac and Unity. The minimum OS versions are iOS 10/Android 6. A 1280x720 camera is recommended.


OpenGL ES 3.0+
Android 6.0, API level 23+
iOS 10.0+, iPhone 5s+, Metal API


OpenGL 4.3+ (4.1+ for MacOS)
Windows 8.1+
MacOS 10.13+, Metal API
VC++ 15+ runtime available


WebGL 1.0+ (for SDK 0.x versions: WebGL 2.0+)
Mobile: Chrome, FireFox, Samsung Browser, Safari.
Desktop: Chrome, FireFox, Safari.

Why Banuba Virtual Try-On Solution?

Increase engagement

People spend hours trying on new looks and sharing them with friends.

Boost sales

Virtual dye interacts with hair like the real one, which motivates customers to buy.

Implement quickly

With our team's support and seamless integration, your hair color changer will be up and running in no time.

Lifelong support

You'll be getting free updates and upgrades for as long as you are with us.

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