Face recognition SDK API

Face recognition SDK API

Locate faces, track them on the screen and apply a wide variety of effects: from 3D masks to virtual makeup.

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Software Features

Software Features

  • Facial detection and tracking
  • Hand tracking
  • Gesture recognition
  • Scripting engine
  • Rendering engine

Liveness check

Make sure the person going through verification is an actual human, not a picture or generated image. Liveness check from Banuba asks people to wink, smile, or do other facial movements to prevent identity fraud and spoofing.

Biometric check

Compare the picture to the passport photo to see whether the person is who they claim to be. The process is quick and easy, making uncomfortable situations more palatable.

How We Achieve Cutting-Edge Face Tracking

Advanced Anti-Jitter

Our algorithms remove the visual noise frame-by-frame, eliminating shaking and providing a natural-looking video feed.


The neural networks are streamlined to work even on low-end devices without draining the battery or putting a strain on CPU/GPU.

Works for everyone

The expansive datasets ensure that the technology works with all people, regardless of their nationality, gender, skin tone, etc.


Banuba facial recognition SDK supports native iOS and Android, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Web, and Desktop.


The neural networks can receive additional specific training if the client requests it.

Robust Image

360-degree rotation, low light, faces 70% covered by something - none of this is an obstacle.

Why Banuba

Why Banuba

Banuba has been on the augmented reality market since 2016 and cemented itself as a leading AR brand. This is why:
  • Proprietary face detection and tracking system
  • Secure by design - no user data collected
  • Face recognition available as a separate feature for easy integration
  • Supports cross-platform mobile frameworks for shorter development time
  • Over 1000 ready-made filters available in the asset store
  • Web-based studio for making new effects from scratch

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