AI Makeup Recommendations

AI Makeup Recommendations

An unparalleled personalized experience for your customers with AI beauty advisor. Seasonal color analysis included.

AI Product recommendations

AI recommendations engine in Tint can automatically conduct seasonal color analysis and sort the products to show the most fitting ones first - all while the user is opening the virtual try-on tool. The deep learning algorithms behind it aim to perfectly match cosmetics to each specific person, boosting conversions and decreasing returns.

Face Analysis

The AI makeup consultant doesn't focus on just color. Its advanced algorithms can detect skin imperfections, determine whether the person's hair has been dyed, analyze their face shape, and understand how specific products can enhance their looks.

AI Makeup Consultant

No need to put your customers through lengthy surveys. Tint will automatically analyze the face of each person and determine their color type. Then it will recommend the cosmetics that would fit them best. The suggestions are powered by a sophisticated AI that will provide each user with professional-level care.

Personalization Increases Sales

Over 70% of buyers will choose the vendor that provides personalized experiences over the one that doesn't. With Tint's pinpoint accuracy, you will gain all the benefits of this approach, including up to 200% better conversions and up to 30% higher average order value.



Virtual makeup try-on platform: 

  • Patented face tracking technology with 3.308 vertices – more precise than landmark-based tracking
  • Real-looking products on all skin colors
  • Several products try-on
  • Advanced AI recommendations to increase sales and decrease returns
  • Available on web, mobile, and in-store devices – accessible anywhere
  • 22.000+ digitized products included
  • New collections can be added in under 48 hours
  • Can be integrated with your website in 2 weeks

Why Makeup Virtual Try-On from Banuba

Increase sales

Personalized recommendations improve conversions

Squash returns

When a product fits perfectly, the customer would keep it

Rapid integration

Quick rollout with the help of our team

Lifelong support

A dedicated customer success manager and regular free updates

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  • Personalized recommendations are important because they give users a feeling of being cared for. In practice, this results in better conversions (up to 200%) and lower return rates (up to 40%).
  • In the beauty industry, personalized recommendations are influenced by a person’s color profile, face shape, face feature shape and size, etc.
  • To improve customer loyalty in the cosmetic industry, provide good products and a great customer experience. This includes treating everyone as an individual, for example by providing personalized product recommendations.

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