Hand Tracking

Hand Tracking

Build interactive AR apps with our real-time 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition technology.

Mobile Hand AR Experiences Made Easily

Let users control the interface with gestures. Engage customers with virtual rings realistically placed on their hands in AR. Create hand animations, no-touch photo booths and AR games. Our hand tracking SDK runs on mobile and doesn't require additional hardware.

  • Hand Detection and Tracking

    Our neural network automatically and accurately detects and captures hand movements in 3D. Its algorithm is trained on a dataset of images with different lighting, hand positions, male and female hands. It makes our hand tracking software run smoothly in real-world use cases and almost on any mobile device.

  • Skeleton Model

    We build a hand skeleton model of 11 points on fingers, fingertips, palm and wrist. It lets us estimate and accurately predict the position of a hand and fingers, even if they are partially overlapped. Users can naturally move hands without breaking an AR experience.

  • Gesture Recognition

    With gesture recognition, your users can trigger AR experience or control interfaces with gestures. You can build remotely controller photo booths and magic mirrors that are interactive, fun and absolutely safe.



  • Automatic real-time hand detection
  • Distance: 2 meters 
  • Left and right hands recognized
  • Stable output with different hand angles and movements
  • Adapted to low lighting, outdoor or in-store use cases 
  • Minimal power consumption on mobile devices
  • Compatible with Face AR and background removal

Application Fields

Take mobile AR interactions to the next level with our hand tracking software easily added to your iOS and Android apps.

  • Video Chats

    Bring fun to video chats letting users virtually touch each other, throw objects or trigger animation with gestures.

  • Virtual Try-On

    Boost sales by letting customers try on rings in AR.

  • Photo Booth

    Build touchless interfaces that are natural, hygienic and memorable.

  • Entertrainment

    Create AR characters and control them with your hands, just like a real puppet.

Technical Features & System Requirements

  • iOS

    10.0+, iPhone 5s+, Metal API

  • Android

    6.0, API level 23+

  • MacOS

    10.13+, Metal API

  • Windows


Why Banuba’s Technology

Why Banuba’s Technology

  • 100% proprietary technology and published patents
  • Guaranteed data privacy and compliance with GDPR due to offline work
  • Technology development and optimization for client’s hardware
  • Own R&D center specifically focused on Face AR
  • 7-year team expertise in AR content development and design
  • Trusted by global brands, enterprise partners like Gucci, Sberbank, Yandex
  • Fast support and team member consultancy
  • Hands-on experience in face tracking app development and release

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