AI Plastic Surgery Simulator

Create lifelike adjustments for facial features in real time and on photos. Give your patients confidence. Increase sales.

Cutting-edge face reshaping

Live demonstration on their own faces will instill confidence in the prospective patients. This will both alleviate stress when going into surgery and set realistic expectations for the results.

Lip filler

Modify the size and shape of any person’s lips. Simulate lip filler insertion and removal.

  • Lip thickness adjustment

  • Lip shape change

Rhinoplasty simulator

Detailed modification of the nose. Real-time adjustment to each element for maximum flexibility.

  • Nose width change

  • Nose length adjustment

  • Nose tip size adjustment
Eyebrow lift

Change the position and shape of the eyebrows without affecting any other facial features. Display the expected results of all forms of eyebrow lift.

  • Eyebrow height adjustment

  • Eyebrow distance adjustment

Cheek filler

Realistically simulate the insertion of cheek filler for each individual. 

  • Cheek size adjustment

  • Cheekbone size adjustment

  • Dimple simulation

Jaw reshape

Flexible and customizable adjustments to the size and shape of the lower face. 

  • Chin length adjustment

  • Chin width adjustment

  • Chin V-shape modification

Multiple adjustments

Supports changing several facial features at the same time, while preserving the realistic look.

  • Any combination of virtual plastic surgeries

  • Lifelike appearance

Advanced face reshaping

Advanced face reshaping

  • Change the size and shape of any facial feature
  • Sliders for easy size/shape adjustment
  • Works in browsers, on desktop computers, and mobile devices
  • Automatic image quality improvement on low-resolution cameras
  • Full customization to your company’s branding
  • Rapid integration
  • Personal manager and responsive support
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Why Banuba's 3D plastic surgery simulator?

Increase sales

Boost conversions with realistic simulations.

Instill confidence

Combat anxiety to improve patient outcomes.

Overtake competition

Gain an edge over the less advanced competitors.

Gain wow-effect

Make people talk about your clinic and benefit from word-of-mouth customers.

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The 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator is a component of the Face AR SDK product