Transform Video Communication with AR
Transform Video Communication with AR

Boost engagement, drive shares, and increase sessions with Banuba Face AR SDK.

Virtual Try-On<br>To Triple Online Sales
Virtual Try-On
To Triple Online Sales

Try-before-you-buy feature for Beauty, Eyewear, Jewelry and other industries.

AR makeup and AI<br> recommendations
AR makeup and AI

Increase the sales of cosmetics with
Tint Makeup Virtual Try-On platform.

AI Video Editor SDK | API
AI Video Editor SDK | API

Boost your users’ engagement with the most powerful
video editor SDK and API.

Engage, Inspire, And Retain In-App Users With High-Performing AR Features & Effects

Tint Makeup Virtual Try-On

Enjoy the benefits of showcasing your product virtually
  • Smart facial recognition and analysis.
  • AI advisor with personalized results.
  • Fastest cosmetics digitizing process.
  • Multi-platform support.
Must-Have for Beauty Brands
Seamless integration, vivid realism, online purchasing, unique shopping experience, gift selection for friends, makeup transfer.

Boost user generated content by adding a fully-functional video editor

Video Editor SDK & API

Boost user generated content by adding a fully-functional video editor

  • Seamlessly add TikTok features.
  • Browse from a rich collection of filters & effects.
  • Speed up your go-to-market strategy with our ready-made UI.
  • Attract and retain content creators to your app with powerful video editing tools.

Enable in-app video editing features

Trim & Merge, Multiple Timelines, Video Effects & AR Filters, Duets, Picture in Picture, Audio Browser.

Drive your app’s growth with engaging AR experiences


Drive your app’s growth with engaging AR experiences

  • Let your users express themselves creatively.
  • Add AR Lenses & Snapchat-like filters quickly.
  • Enable in-app AR Filters & Effects.
  • Access to over 600+ high-quality AR filters in Banuba Asset Store.

Market Leading AR Features

Face Filters, Virtual Background, Touch Up Filters, AR Makeup, Eye & Hair Coloring.

Market Leading Deep-Learning Solutions

Real-Time Engagement

Power your app with boost virality, drive engagement and shares on social media.

Powerful 3D Rendering

Immerse users with photo-realistic AR experiences that look like magic.

Efficient Performance

We optimize our technology for its smooth performance on various devices and use cases.

Asset Store

Add quality filters to your app choosing from our biggest collection of AR assets.

Resources for succeeding with Augmented Reality Technologies

Banuba Face AR SDK. White Paper

How to power-up your app with immersive AR filters and effects.

AI Video Editor SDK. White Paper

How to empower content creators with in-app video editing features.

Makeup Virtual Try-On TINT. White Paper

How beauty brands increase AOV, sales, and engagement.

Customer Stories That Inspire

There are hundreds of ways AR can drive your business. Here are some of our favorites.

sMedio: AR features for a Video Conferencing App
sMedio: AR features for a Video Conferencing App
  • Virtual backgrounds, scripting engine, rendering engine, face touch-up
  • The application is installed on over 500.000 devices
  • AR features on display in 3000 shops in Japan


An engaging random live chat with AR features.

  • 20M installs
  • 4B+ matches
  • 15M Banuba feature launches per month
Looké: Makeup Try-On App
Looké: Makeup Try-On App
  • The entire line of brand’s beauty products available for virtual try-on
  • Gamification, reviews, recommendations, social features
  • The first mobile app of this kind in Indonesia
  • 55.000+ installs - a great result for a niche cosmetics brand focused on one country
Chingari: Indian short-video sharing platform
Chingari: Indian short-video sharing platform
  • Users create and share entertaining content using video editing features and effects.
  • Awards based on how viral the video becomes.
  • Uniquely Indianised AR filters.
  • Video and audio editing tools similar to TikTok.
  • 550,000 downloads in just ten days, over 2.5 million downloads total.
Clash of Streamers
Clash of Streamers

A popular mobile game that uses AR, blockchain, geopositioning, and other popular technologies.

  • 4M+ installs
  • 100K monthly active players
  • Top-grossing NFT-powered mobile game
  • $7000 average price of a sold NFT

Face AR features in a social lifestyle app to help influencers create eye-catching professional content, promote brands and get rewarded for it.

  • Face Filter SDK for iOS and Android
  • Licencing AR face filters from Banuba catalog
  • Beautification filter
  • Virtual background changer
  • Hair recolor and eye recolor
Chamoji App
Chamoji App

Enabling face filters, beautification and live emojis in Chamoji selfie app that expands creative communication.

  • Background segmentation to bring animated backgrounds in filters
  • Beautification with skin smoothing, skin tone correction, eyes and teeth whitening, face morphing
  • Eyes and hair segmentation for virtual lens and hair color changer
AR photo booth
AR photo booth

Providing a Multi-Platform Production Agency with face filters integrated into AR photo booths that foster video & photo marketing & ad campaigns.

  • Face Filter SDK for Android
  • Background segmentation for green screen virtual background changer
  • Custom filter design services and filter licencing from Banuba catalog
Mental Growth: Face Yoga Exercise & Skin-Care App
Mental Growth: Face Yoga Exercise & Skin-Care App
  • Custom-tailored facebuilding programs
  • Face tracking and analytics
  • The core “before-after” feature powered by Banuba Face AR SDK
  • Over 20K downloads per month

Trusted by 100+ Global Businesses

The rise of Chingari App has a direct correlation with the advanced tools that we offer and the seamless creation experience our app provides. Thanks to Banuba, we provide excellent video and audio editing tools to our content creators and empower them with the best-Indianised filters for visual effect.

Sumit Ghosh CEO of Chingari App at IndiaTVnews

Banuba FaceAR SDK simplifies the development of our Try-On feature big time. This feature keeps us just 10 cm apart from our customers at all times.

Puja Wardani Associate Vice President, Looké Cosmetics

Working with Banuba’s product was a real pleasure. With it, we have made our app much more attractive to users.

Sergei Kushnarenko Co-founder of FaceYoga by Mental Growth

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