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15 Million AR Engagements: How Face AR SDK Helped Bermuda Thrive

Learn how Banuba’s Face AR SDK helped Bermuda, a fast-growing live chat app, get 20M of installs and over 15M of engagements with augmented reality features per month.

Banuba Face AR SDK for live chat app

Project Background

Bermuda was developed by Mylos, a South Korean company. The company had the vision to connect people from different parts of the world through an app that would lessen any burdens of distance and language barriers. The users would be able to make new friends, practice foreign languages, engage, and have fun.

However, Bermuda's in-house team didn’t have the technical expertise to add AR solutions like real-time masks, stickers, filters, and beautification to their app. They would add user engagement, increase app sessions, and enhance the marketing campaigns.

The client researched the market to find reliable AR solution companies and contacted Banuba.

Banuba Face AR for video chat appBermuda Results | Face Filter SDK Case

About Bermuda App

Bermuda is a random live video chat that lets users select the general criteria (gender, location, locale, etc.) and start a real-time video chat randomly. The core product's idea is to mitigate communication borders, engage users, and make them have fun with random people around the world. 

Banuba Face AR SDK for Bermuda live chat appBermuda Live Chat App | Banuba Face AR SDK

So, we helped the client integrate our AR Face Filter SDK and power the app with an immersive augmented reality experience that improves video chats and helps the client stand out from the competition.

Here is the core functionality of the Bermuda app:

  • Face masks. Exciting and visually appealing AR face filters.
  • Beautification. Subtly removing blemishes, evening out skin tone, and making the person look more attractive.
  • Background replacement. Slick new backgrounds that protect users’ privacy and make video calls more fun.
  • LUTs. Color correction (“Instagram filters”) is an expected feature for all visual apps.
  • Icebreakers. During a chat, the app can help users communicate by using icebreakers (e.g. by asking both whether they like wine or cocktails more) and thus starting the conversation.
  • Real-time translation. Bermuda automatically translates the users’ speech and text so that the language barrier is negated or at least diminished.
  • In-app currency. The app itself is free. However, users can purchase coins and spend them in multiple ways (e.g. sending gifts to friends).
  • Subscription. Access to premium features (e.g. geolocation related to famous landmarks), regular deliveries of coins, and other perks. 

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So, Banuba helped integrate the entire scope of AR functionality - face filters, background replacement, LUTs, and beautification. 

All-in-all, Bermuda is a feature-rich app that has rightfully gained popularity among users worldwide. 

Banuba Face AR SDK for live chat appBermuda App | Face AR SDK Case

Why Banuba

Bermuda chose Banuba Face AR SDK for these reasons:

  • High-quality assets. Banuba’s masks and beautification looked impressive, motivating the users to apply them often. The asset store contains hundreds more to choose from, if necessary.
  • Easy integration. Banuba Face AR SDK was easy to connect to the app, saving development time.
  • Reliable support. The managers and tech team were quick to reply to questions and help with integrating the SDK.

The main reason why we implemented the Banuba SDK is the high quality of the assets and filters. They make the users want to apply them during video chats.

- Hyunjoon Park, Engineering Manager at Bermuda.

Results and plans

Bermuda is a massive ground-breaking social app with 20M of installs and millions of monthly active users. The app is rated 4.2 and 4.1 on PlayMarket and AppStore respectively.

Notable, users engage with Banuba's AR features over 15 million times per month. That shows how augmented reality benefits social media businesses around the world. 

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