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1M Installs: How Face Filters SDK Helped MNFST Boost Engagement

Learn how Banuba helped a lifestyle product startup revolutionize the influencer market and drive user engagement and the number of in-app sessions.

Face Filters for Fun and Profit: MNFST Success Story


Manifest (MNFST) is a London-based startup that is disrupting influencer marketing as we know it.

Traditionally, companies find people with a sizeable following on social media and pay them to promote their products or services.

The Manifest model lets anyone earn via their social capital even if they have only a few dozen followers.

MNFST helps inspire creativity and democratize the influencer market the same way Uber have democratized the mobility industry years ago.

The app lets people create branded content, publish it on Instagram, and get paid by the brands.

The payout depends on multiple social metrics including impressions, reach, engagement, click-through rate, etc.

img_mnfst_results-minMNFST Results | Face Filters Case Study

Manifest wanted to promote the creation of viral content and Banuba had the right tools to succeed.

Product Details

This is what Manifest can do and how it works:

Instagram integration

This is the core element of MNFST. Once a user connects their Instagram account, the app gauges their “social capital” based on the number of followers and engagements. This metric is what the payouts are based on.

Video/photo editing

Manifest has a suite of content creation tools. They include branded AR or video masks and filters that act as attention-grabbers and attract people to the promoted posts.

The AR element is powered by Banuba Face AR SDK and the branded effects are custom-built by Banuba for MNFST.

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Payment processing

The users earn money by making posts that promote brands.

The app calculates the payment based on the social capital score and engagement metrics that the post gets.

After that, the users can either withdraw the earnings to their PayPal or Revolut accounts or donate them to a charity (e.g. to combat pollution or animal cruelty).


Users can see how their sponsored posts performed and how much money they brought.

This is also the feature that lets brands monitor how their campaigns perform.

MNFST AR-Powered Social App for InfluencersMNFST | AR-Powered Social App for Influencers


Manifest became a key player in the influencer market, with over 1M installs and more than 50 partnered brands.

It has proven that the business model was solid and the demand from both businesses and people was high.

High-quality augmented reality features and content were a major factor in this success, bringing the app’s rating up to 4.5 / 5.

img_mnfst_brands-minMNFST Partnered Brands | Face Filters Case Study 

If you think that this technology could be useful for your project, feel free to contact us and try it for free.

Why Banuba

The founders of MNFST needed to find a solid provider of Face AR to power their core features.

This is why Banuba turned out to be the best fit:

  • The AR functionality was and is state-of-the-art

The effects looked great and worked well, resulting in a pleasing user experience.

  • Integration guides were clear

The SDK was well-documented and quick to integrate.

  • Banuba’s team was great to cooperate with

Both the customer success and technical teams were easy to contact, responded to questions quickly, and assisted the client to the best of their ability.

Banuba saved us months if not years of internal development resources and provided the technology that helped us increase the content creation product suite. The AR functionality itself was state-of-the-art and it was great working with Banuba.

Vitalij Kolesnik, CFO of Manifest  

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