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500.000 Devices per Year: sMedio Success Story

How Banuba's technology helped a major Japanese software developer deliver a video calling app for a Fortune 500 company.


sMedio is a Japanese company that specializes in software for consumer electronics and portable devices. They are a respected player in the market, having secured contracts with several Fortune 500 companies. When another electronics producer requested that they make a video conferencing tool for their new product line, the contract stated that the software had to include augmented reality features. Our client didn’t have AR know-how in-house, and that’s why they became our client.


Video calling is a popular use case for augmented reality. Virtual backgrounds and face touch-up, for example, are a must-have, not an add-on. This is why the client ordered Banuba SDK with a set of features that would complement the app they were making. This is what it included:

  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Beautification, including lips, eyes, and eyebrows
  • Rendering engine
  • Scripting engine

This grants the app enough flexibility to be used in business setting, as well as for more casual calls.

Why Banuba

There are many AR SDK vendors, but Banuba was the best for this situation. Here’s why:

  • Powerful and comprehensive features. Banuba SDK, with its advanced technology, high performance and customizable AI/AR effects, enabled sMedio to deliver product quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy and flexible integration. With a flexible structure and well-defined documentation, sMedio was able to easily integrate Banuba SDK into their products and adjust the values.
  • All-platform support. Banuba provides a stable and reliable SDK for both Windows and mobile platforms, which give our cooperation greater potential.

“Banuba provided high-quality products, proven technology, and solid support, leading us to make our OEM customer’s products competitive in a limited time of development schedule and cost.“ Sadanori Iwamoto, CEO of sMedio, Inc.


The video calling app will be installed on 500.000 devices within the first year and will be updated for the later models. Banuba SDK is demonstrated as core technology in over 3000 retail shops in Japan.

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