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How Indian Social Network Got 30M Downloads with Banuba Video Editor SDK

Learn how Chingari uses our Video Editor SDK to streamline the video creation process.

The app leverages AR and AI camera technologies to help users express their creativity in the most unique and engaging way.

Video Editor With Animation Effects

Key takeaways

  • Chingari developers wanted to capitalize on TikTok ban in India
  • They integrated Banuba Video Editor SDK to cover all content creation functionality
  • In 3 months, the app surpassed 30M downloads and attracted more than $88M in funding.

About Chingari

Initially started as an entertainment platform, Chingari is the most popular video-sharing social networking app in India.

The Chingari team contacted us to bring a TikTok rival to the Indian market.

The reason is that the local government banned the original app back in June 2020.

So, Chingari integrated our AI Video Editing SDK for Android and iOS to empower creators to record and share short video clips.

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We armed the app with an AR-based video editor.

The animation effects include AR masks and camera filters along with processing features that facilitate and inspire users to create interactive content.

Chingari-video-editor-sdk-case-study-resultsChingari Results | Video Editor SDK Case Study

Our Solutions

Video Editor SDK

Chingari used our AI Video Editing SDK with animation and Face AR effects To empower users to capture amazing videos.

Anyone can create or upload videos, overlay the music, turn it on, record a lip sync clip, and apply visual filters to enhance results.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies paired with video creation make the process a breeze.

chingari banuba video editor with animation effects Video Editor demo: the original video and one, processed with Chingari

Face AR Masks

Users can browse through a collection of Indianized filters, and apply them in a live camera when taking a clip or overlay on a video at an editing stage.

Face detection and tracking automatically recognize the presence of the face in a feed and sticks the AR animation.

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Users can enhance their appearance by turning on a beautification filter.

The filter retouches the skin, and adds morphing and slight makeup to make users feel comfortable with their selfie camera when recording videos.

ar-beatuification-chingari-banubaChingari AR Beatuification by Banuba

Video effects

The video editor employs animation effects, LUT filters, and 3D lenses to engage users in the creative process and let them self-express themselves.

Chingari-AR-Video-Effects-BanubaChingari AR Video Effects by Banuba

Camera UI and Video Capture

Users can edit specific parts of the video, upload several clips and images and use all standard video processing features to achieve a compelling result.

The rise of Chingari App has a direct correlation with the advanced tools that we offer and the seamless creation experience that Chingari App provides. We provide excellent video and audio editing tools to our content creators and empower them with the best Indianised filters for visual effect.

Sumit Ghosh, CEO of Chingari App at IndiaTVnews.


After release, Chingari got 550,000 downloads in just 10 days, and more than 30 million downloads in 3 months.

The top 20 per cent of its most active users are
spending 1.5 hours daily in the app and the average daily engagement time for its users is 7.5 minutes.

The video editor with animation effects is widely praised among 18-35-year-old users mainly.

The average app rating is 4.5 both on iOS and Android.

It's still gaining popularity as people keep on sharing videos.

img_h_cases_chingari@2x-minChingari app screens

Additionally, the app allows creators to monetize their videos based on how viral they go.

The more popular they become, the more points are awarded which later can be redeemed for money.

This way, anyone can become an influencer and earn money by making and sharing videos. 

The video editor tools enhanced with AR and AI ensure the videos will look professional and high quality.

Why Banuba Video Editor

Chingari powered their video-sharing social app with Banuba AI Video Editor SDK for these reasons:

  • All-in-one tools for video makers. Users can easily trim, merge and edit videos right in the app. They can make animated Stories using not only videos but photos too.
  • Video effects. Our SDK comes with a built-in collection of the most popular video animation filters and effects helping creators tweak their content with a tap.
  • Unparalleled engagement. We can license our best AR assets so businesses can quickly launch their apps and delight users by changing filters regularly.
  • Accurate face tracking. Our technology detects and tracks several faces simultaneously, allowing people to have fun with AR filters together.
  • Data safety. Banuba Video Editor SDK runs offline, on a device, so it doesn't access or store personal data, ensuring a safe and private user experience.

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While our current focus is to make a great product, in the near future to make sure that our content creators get paid, we will have advertising and focus more on marketing. Feature addition is always a part of the roadmap, as we move forward.

Sumit Ghosh, CEO of Chingari App at FinancialExpress.