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How to Build an App Like TikTok With Video Editing Effects

Consider jumping into video editing app development? Want to build an app like TikTok? In this post, we’ll explore the functional features of the TikTok video editor and how you can clone one using our Video Editing SDK for iOS and Android.

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TikTok users produce and share content way more willingly while the old-school social networks like Facebook have been seeing a 29.49 percent decrease in user original content. Much of that success TikTok owes to its video editor which offers amazing opportunities for users to create professional short videos and share with the community. 

TikTok users enjoy video making – it’s all about fun and popularity. When considering how to build an app like TikTok, one can start with the video editor functionality.  


Video Editing SDK with TikTok-like features

Banuba’s Video Editing SDK is the ultimate video editing solution for mobile platforms. It allows developers to create video sharing apps with TikTok-like features. Users can apply filters to recorded videos in a post-processing mode or in real-time, add music and create stories.

See an example of clips you can create with features essential for video editing app development.

AR Video Editing

Our Video Editing SDK can help you boosts user-generated content in your app providing your users with a creative suit of video editing tools. It engages users in the creative process and lets them self-express making  professional social videos without time-consuming editing.

Video editing features you can integrate into your app

Video effects

Banuba SDK to build app like tiktok: video effects Video Editing SDK: Video Filters Demo

Video filters are post-processing effects which users apply to the recorder videos. It can be visual and color transformation effects like in TikTok e.g. Rave, Cathode, Flash, Soul, Zoom and others.

This is a number one video editing tool to inspire creativity and self-expression in users. Enabled with just a tap-hold, they are fun and easy to use turning any video into a studio-like clip.

Color Filters

Color Filters LUT VEVideo Editing SDK: Color Filters Demo

Color filters (LUT) allow users to apply the color correction to the entire screen within a video, choosing from a predefined set of Instagram-like filters. Users can browse filters via UI control, i.e navigation bar for selecting a color filter.

Initially photo effects, LUT filters can now be easily integrated into video editing apps like Tiktok. By a tap, users can recolor their videos into black-and-white, add neon light or pretend them to be recorded on the retro camera, so videos come out more interesting.

Time effects

Slowmo VEVideo Editing SDK: Slowmo and Rapid Demo

Time filters include Slowmo and Rapid video editing effects. Users can increase the video recording speed up to 3x or decrease it by 0.5x of the normal speed (Slowmo). Time filters can be applied to any part of the video allowing creators to emphasize the moment.

Face AR effects

AR filters VEVideo Editing SDK: Face Filters Demo

Our Video Editing SDK is completely compatible with the Banuba Face AR SDK. It can do face detection and tracking to enable Face AR experiences in real-time when the user records the video or as part of post-processing. Face filters can be applied to any part of the video as part of post-processing or in real-time. 

Features you can use for video editing app development:

  • Beauty filters and effects
  • Realistic try-on filters
  • Morphing effects, animal filters, famous characters, etc
  • Background changer as part of face filters or separate effect
  • 2D/3D stickers based on face
  • 3D animation

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Text and Gif Overlay

Gif VEVideo Editing SDK: Text and GIF Demo

GIF and Text overlay features enable users to edit their videos with GIF images and text. Users can add multiple objects, scale and rotate them, adjust their duration using the timeline, adjust their position on the screen by simple dragging.

Trim and merge

Trimming VEVideo Editing SDK: Trimming Demo

Another essential feature of any video editing app like Tiktok is trimming. With this, users cut the beginning and/or end of the video to create short videos tweaked for social media. Users can:

  • Cut the video (beginning or end)
  • Cut multiple videos within one timeline
  • Merge video pieces into one clip

Audio editor

audio editing banuba video editorVideo Editing SDK: Audio Editing Timeline

Audio Editor feature offers powerful functionality for audio processing. Users can record video with audio, mix the video with a music track selected from the list or record and add their voice to the video. 

The audio timeline can contain multiple audio tracks. User arranges the relative position, beginning of the tracks and effect by dragging them against the thumbnail timeline by grad and drop.

Slideshow (Stories)

slideshre VEVideo Editing SDK: Slideshow Demo

The Slideshow feature allows users to make an animated video clip (Story) from photos or videos uploaded from the gallery. Multiple pictures are opened from phones’ memory or cloud and converted into a video clip. Video Editor SDK generates a video file using these pictures. Each picture is displayed as a still frame for a predefined duration. Users can add text annotations, comments, GIFs or music to Slideshow video.

Summing up

Followed by Tiktok ban in India, businesses are actively investing in video editing app development looking to clone TikTok features that can quickly engage creators and inspire user-generated content sharing. From social networking apps to educational platforms, video capturing and editing apps place its bet on intuitive tools that make the video creation process a breeze. 

Our  video editing SDK for mobile can help you quickly develop an app like TikTok providing video and audio editing modules and a collection of visual filters and effects.

Building a video editing mobile app is a challenge, but our AI Video SDK makes it easier.

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