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USD 2m in Investment and 8x More College Offers for Sports Social Network

How Banuba helped Press Sports connect athletes, coaches, and talent scouts.
banuba video editor sdk + press sports app

Key takeaways

  • Press Sports is a social network for athletes, coaches, talent scouts, etc.
  • It uses Banuba Video Editor SDK for content creation
  • The expanded feature set helped attract $2m in investment 


Press Sports is a US-based startup determined to improve the lives of athletes in more aspects than just socializing with like-minded people. Sports are not only a fun pastime, they are also a way to improve college entrance chances. So an app that helps school students show their skills to college-level coaches and talent scouts is immensely useful. 

1-1Press Sports unites athletes, coaches, and parents

The founders saw this opportunity and capitalized on it. They gathered a strong development team, but needed to speed up the release lest someone else goes to market with a similar product earlier. So they decided to integrate a video editing SDK to save time. Out of all the competitors they chose Banuba.

4-1Press Sports


Press Sports is a short video-based social network intended to connect athletes, fans, coaches, and anyone else involved in sports. It takes all the best aspects of TikTok and spices them up with unique features that further the athlete-first vision. This is what it includes:

  • TikTok-like feed
  • User profile
  • Video editor
  • Points-based gamification
  • Leaderboards
  • Teams 
  • Coach directory
  • Etc.


The video editor is especially notable, as it is the main tool for content creation. Its features are:

  • Recording
  • Import from gallery
  • Color filters
  • Hands-free mode
  • Slideshow
  • Speed effects (rapid/slo-mo)

All of this was provided by Banuba.

“Banuba substantially reduced the cost of getting a high quality video editor into our product and their team is a pleasure to work with.” – Conrad Cornell, CEO.


Press Sports is a niche app but is enjoys popularity among its intended audience. It is used by school students and pro athletes alike. Coaches and talent scouts use it to find their next MVPs, and there were cases when a student got 8x more offers from college teams by sharing his profile with those interested. Venture capitalists have also seen the potential in Press Sports and invested over USD 2 million in it.

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