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Top Beauty Marketing Agencies Speaking the Beauty Industry Language

After an 8% drop in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the beauty industry glued the cracks and started conquering the world with new ambitions and efforts. With trends shifting at the speed of social media scroll, the competitive beauty market is expected to generate a revenue of almost $130 billion in 2028. Not all cosmetics brands can boast of having dedicated marketing and growth teams onsite, losing to industry giants.

That's when a beauty marketing agency comes into play, offering traditional and digital marketing services to help promote beauty products and brand stand out among competitors. Let's review how creative solutions from the best beauty marketing agencies can help beauty brands thrive and how to find a digital agency to match your needs.

What to Expect from a Beauty Marketing Agency

A beauty marketing agency is a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the beauty sector, the latest trends, and marketing instruments to help establish efficient marketing strategies and launch promotional campaigns. According to Smart Insights, up to 47% of brands have not developed online marketing strategies.

Many beauty marketing agencies offer offline and digital marketing services and PR to help a beauty brand win international beauty markets, reach a wider audience, or boost online revenue. Cooperation with a beauty marketing agency doesn't always imply a full-cycle strategy development and implementation. It can include:

  • consultation and evaluations of the current situation;
  • the launch of social media campaigns or overall social media management over one or multiple social media channels;
  • use of beauty influencer marketing to establish advocates responsible for the brand's success and create meaningful connections;
  • web design and web development in combination with content marketing to create a brand-new, alluring website or fix the existing one;
  • search engine optimization and content creation;
  • advertising services and marketing campaigns.

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How Can Beauty Marketing Agencies Empower a Beauty Brand?

Hiring a beauty marketing agency can offer numerous benefits for beauty brands, helping them effectively navigate the competitive cosmetics industry and connect with their target audience. Here's a list of potential advantages:

Industry Expertise

Beauty marketing agencies specialize in their industry, possessing in-depth knowledge of trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics. This expertise can be invaluable in crafting targeted and effective marketing strategies. It's precious for new and small beauty brands that lack experience and can't afford to hire a dedicated onsite marketer.

Detailed Market Research

Agencies conduct thorough market research to understand the target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This data-driven approach helps make informed decisions and create a brand strategy that resonates with the target market.

Brand Strategy and Development

A beauty marketing agency can assist in developing a strong and memorable brand identity. This includes creating a compelling brand story, designing visually appealing assets, and establishing a consistent brand image across various channels.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Beauty marketing agencies are well-versed in digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing, influencer partnerships, search engine optimization, and content marketing. They can leverage these tools to enhance a brand's online presence and engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Agencies often have established relationships with beauty influencers and experts and a diverse network. This can facilitate collaborations and partnerships, allowing brands to leverage the influence of these individuals to promote products effectively, spreading positive brand awareness.

Creative Content Production

Beauty marketing agencies typically have in-house creative teams skilled in producing high-quality content. This includes visually appealing graphics, videos, and other multimedia content that can be used across various platforms. Sometimes, they might even feature web design and development teams to help a beauty business craft landing pages or websites for digital marketing and promotion.

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Effective Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

Agencies can develop and execute strategic marketing campaigns tailored to the beauty industry. These campaigns are designed to capture the attention of the target audience, drive increased brand awareness, and generate leads or online sales.

Data Analytics

Beauty marketing agencies utilize data analytics tools to measure the success of campaigns. Analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) allows for continuous optimization of strategies, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring an agency can be more cost-effective than building an in-house marketing team. It eliminates the need for full-time salaries, benefits, and training costs associated with maintaining an internal team.

Adaptability to Trends

The beauty industry is dynamic, with trends evolving rapidly. Marketing agencies stay abreast of these changes, enabling brands to adapt quickly and stay relevant in a highly competitive market.

Global Reach

Agencies with international experience can help beauty brands expand their reach globally. They understand the nuances of different markets and can tailor a brand strategy to suit diverse target audiences.

Time Savings

Outsourcing marketing activities to an agency allows the brand's internal team to focus on core competencies, saving time and resources.

Measurable Results

Agencies provide measurable results, enabling brands to gauge the success of their marketing efforts. This transparency is essential for making data-driven decisions and refining strategies over time.

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Top Beauty Marketing Agencies and Beauty Brands Case Studies

Identifying the leading beauty marketing agency is a biased approach. Therefore, we offer you a list of excellent digital marketing companies in the beauty industry and offer you to get acquainted with the creative showcases.

Blue Wheel Media

Founded in Detroit in 2011, Blue Wheel Media is a full-cycle agency with an omnichannel approach as its priority and value. The skincare brand Avatara reached out for help on social media, TikTok in particular. They wanted to reach a wider audience as their in-house social media management was not as successful.

Blue Wheen Media created a crafted calendar for posting on social media and leveraged user-generated content and branded videos for organic growth. As a result, the number of followers grew by 800%, and their TikTok profile reached over 1 million views in less than six months.

Velox Media

Velox Media is a ROI and KPI-centered company from Idaho. They do web development, strategic planning, organic search optimization, and paid media. Better Skin Today wanted to increase its monthly revenue by $20.000.

Velox Media launched a 90-day search engine optimization campaign and managed to outrun their client's expectations. Two keywords ranked #1 and #5 throughout three months, bringing an extra $20.500 as a new monthly revenue.

AMP Agency

The award-winning AMP Agency with headquarters in Boston is a full-service marketing agency. When Maybelline reached out for help, they acted as a partner and helped to throw an offline beauty marketing nationwide campaign to attract beauty consumers to retail and increase awareness.

AMP Agency assisted in organizing the movable The Color Studio that would appear at various themed events, treating women to a one-on-one red carpet experience with a stylist and make-up artists. This led to over 15 million impressions and queues.

Branton Way

Branton Way doesn't stick to traditional and one-fit-it-all marketing efforts and solutions. They focus on the brand's uniqueness and offer a tailored solution targeted at incredible ROIs. Serendi Market reached out to increase their social media awareness and PR presence.

Branton Way analyzed its social media accounts and offered an altered strategy with influencer marketing involved. Besides, due to successful PR and press campaigns, the brand was featured in three popular magazines. In general, the agency increased social engagement by 35% and brought over 1500 new website visitors from social media.

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Amra & Elma

Sometimes you don't need top beauty influencers for advertising beauty. Amra & Elma can help unite beauty brands with their target audience, leading to increased revenues and finding the right influencer marketing channels on social media.

Anthropologie needed a brand identity for its new product line, Puristry, and Amra & Elma reached out to up to 100 micro influencers monthly and leveraged the UGC for promotional purposes. As a result, it brought nearly 19k engagements, 3.5 million followers, and 500k impressions.


MSLK is a beauty branding agency with a track record of famous beauty businesses and their success stories in their portfolio. From social media marketing to web design, it is a full-service company with over 20 years of experience.

The botanic-based skincare brand Epionce wanted to boost awareness both among consumers and aestheticians. MSLK developed a strategy with social media advertising, email marketing, and print advertising. The website traffic increased by 15%, and the CTR was 3.3%.


Poplar.Studio is a place to go for beauty brands seeking an innovative approach to customer acquisition. They help turn traditional social media marketing into a fun and interactive experience via augmented reality.

L'oreal reached out to build a new augmented reality filter that would turn a social media experience into a fun virtual try-on with their cosmetics. Poplar.Studio worked on solutions for Urban Decay, Yves Saint Laurent, and NYX Professional Makeup. The agency created interactive, game-like filters for Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

How to Find The Best Beauty Marketing Agency for Your Beauty Brand?

The journey to discover the best partner involves a careful blend of industry insights, strategic alignment, and creative synergy. Not always a leading digital marketing agency will match your needs and fulfill your requirements. Let's explore which things to consider to find the best marketing agency.

Objectives and Required Expertise

Whether it's boosting your online presence on social media, launching a new beauty brand, or rebranding, having a precise set of goals will guide your search and enable you to communicate effectively with potential agencies.

Even if you don't have an onsite digital marketing team, you can still draw a roadmap and connect the dots between the goals and expertise required to reach them. A digital marketing agency might have an experienced team and a profound portfolio with astonishing insights. However, without proper cosmetic marketing expertise, your cooperation might bring poor outcomes.

We would highly recommend cooperation with data-driven and tech-savvy partners who can offer cutting-edge solutions powered by AI and leverage AR and VR to implement virtual try-on features, an immersive customer experience, and an omnichannel approach.

According to statistics, omnichannel marketing campaigns have an engagement rate 4 times higher than single ones. Besides, over 77% of beauty clients are eager to interact with a product via AR before buying it. Giant beauty brands like L'oreal, Fenty Beauty, and Estée Lauder started introducing digital interaction with physical beauty products back in 2018, becoming trendsetters.

Nowadays, not only cosmetic brands but also skincare and personal care brands can leverage virtual try-on solutions like TINT for their marketing purposes. TINT platform can become a tech partner both for a digital marketing agency and beauty brands, providing a skincare and make-up virtual try-on functionality on any device. According to our statistics, its implementation boosts the conversion rates by 300%.

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Portfolio and Testimonials

Always check on accurate case studies in your field. It provides valuable insights into the agency's competence, reliability, and compatibility with your brand's vision. Testimonials from previous clients offer real-world perspectives on the agency's performance, client relations, and the impact of their campaigns. These first-hand accounts serve as a litmus test for the agency's ability to meet expectations and deliver tangible results.

Meanwhile, perusing through the agency's portfolio unveils a visual narrative of their creative prowess and adaptability. It allows you to gauge whether their aesthetic aligns with your brand's identity and if they have successfully executed campaigns in a similar vein. For instance, if you are interested in social media marketing but there's no relevant experience, you can only take their word for it. But is the wasted ROI worth it?

Budget and Cooperation Terms

Clearly defining your budget ensures that the agency understands your financial constraints and can tailor their services accordingly. It helps prevent any misalignment of expectations and ensures that the proposed strategies are feasible within the allocated resources.

Additionally, understanding the cooperation terms, including communication protocols, project timelines, and the level of collaboration, is crucial for a smooth and efficient workflow. A well-defined cooperation framework minimizes the risk of misunderstandings, enhances transparency, and fosters a collaborative environment where both parties are on the same page.

The right beauty marketing agency and wise digital partners can become jet skis that will skyrocket your brand's success. If you want to be among the best in the beauty marketing industry, your cooperation must be like a symbiosis, where each participant is interested in the other's success. TINT from Banuba is an interactive advertising instrument brands can leverage for their promotional campaigns. At the same time, we can collaborate with marketing agencies to help their customers reach higher ROIs.

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