Banuba and Zakeke Join Forces To Empower Ecommerce Companies

Banuba entered a partnership with Zakeke, an Italian company that specializes in Visual Commerce, providing a range of solution for eCommerce, including product customization, 3D visualization and configuration, and immersive Augmented Reality experiences. The cooperation is expected to help eCommerce businesses boost their sales and customer experience, while decreasing product returns.

Developing an exciting shopping experience is key to long-term success in the eCommerce domain. Zakeke, having extensive experience in this niche, decided to integrate Banuba’s advanced AI technology. The addition would elevate Zakeke’s 3D product configurator and bring more value to the customers.

Banuba’s know-how will support virtual try-on of the following product categories:

  • Makeup
  • Jewelry
  • Headwear
  • Nail polish
  • Hair dye

This will allow the users of Zakeke software to choose the items, configure them, and see how they look when put on. The digital versions of the products precisely represent the physical ones. They also react to lighting and gravity just like in real life. Moreover, the virtual makeup accurately simulates interaction with skin of any tone. 

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Overall, the blending of Banuba and Zakeke technologies will allow their clients to achieve three main goals:

  • Increasing omnichannel sales
  • Decreasing eCommerce product returns 
  • Improving user experience

In addition, Zakeke is looking to represent Banuba’s product line in new markets.

About Zakeke

Zakeke is an advanced B2B AI Visual Commerce platform, created to empower merchants to enhance and innovate the Shopping Experience through innovative visual technologies. 

With Zakeke’s comprehensive suite of tools, merchants can improve their customers’ experience by offering real-time product personalization (with unlimited customization options), advanced 3D visualization, immersive AR experiences, and innovative Virtual Try-On tools.

Zakeke helps merchants across all kinds of industries create engaging and personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations and boost sales, all while also streamlining operational loads for sellers and reducing unnecessary costs through efficient automation.

Seamlessly integrating with major e-commerce systems and brands’ back-ends, Zakeke offers an easy-to-use back-end for merchants and a cloud-based, no-coding-necessary setup. Its comprehensive capabilities foster greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

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