Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK/API v1.24: UI Improvements, Content Preview, and Zoom

The new version of the Video Editor SDK/API boasts a more convenient UI, an ability to preview pictures and videos in the gallery, an option to zoom in while recording, and many other additions. Read on to learn more.

UI Improvements

Now the Video Editor SDK/API is much more convenient for the end users. 

Firstly, there is now a switcher for video/photo modes below the “record” button. Secondly, the video recording now has two options to start and stop: with a long tap or with a single tap.


Thirdly, the user flow in the hands-free mode has been simplified: 

  1. Set the timer 
  2. Set the length of the recorded clip (if it’s a video mode) 
  3. Click the countdown to start it 
  4. After the count of 3-2-1 the recording starts automatically (no additional actions from the user are required)


Finally, the soundtrack name is now displayed in a much more pleasing way.


Content preview

The users can now preview the clips in their gallery before importing them into the editor. See the GIF below for an example of how it works.



Since version 1.24, the users can zoom in when recording videos. It is done with the common pinch gesture or by holding the recording button and swiping up.


Accessible Drafts

The users can now launch Drafts from any point in the app. No need to look for them in the gallery.


Other improvements

  • KOIN version updated (Android)
  • The watermark’s position has changed to allow some space around it
  • Configure PiP default volume
  • Remote token caching on Firebase or customer’s server
  • Ability to increase the default sound volume beyond 100% (iOS)
  • Social sharing (Reels, Stories, etc.) right after export

Bug Fixes

  • Audio volume in one of the PIP videos couldn’t be heard
  • The track volume chart for flac/wav formats wouldn’t be displayed
  • Recorded voice over’s timeline wouldn’t display on the Sound page after reopening it
  • Playback of the video with slo-mo effects was distorted
  • It wasn’t always evident that the list of effects is scrollable - now all scrollable lists display half of the “upcoming” icon to the right
  • FX effect couldn’t be applied after adding GIF/Text; Mask, FX & Time effects would disappear after adding GIF/Text
  • On several devices the picture on the camera was badly displayed with some unexpected “noise”

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