Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK/API v1.26: a New Effect and More Flexibility

The new version of Banuba Video Editor SDK/API has more effects and more customization options, not to mention the usual improvements in stability and performance. The changes have been rolled out to both iOS and Android platforms.
banuba video editor sdk

Custom user flow

Now you have a way to change in Video Effects SDK Banuba the order of the screens for your users. Once they record a video or select it from their gallery, they need to click “Next” to move on. By default, they are sent to the video editor screen. But if you have a different idea in mind, you can use the new callback to change that. 

“Twitch” effect

The array of filters and effects got a bit larger. This is what “Twitch” looks like.

preview_twich_bigSizeTwitch effect

AR changes in PiP

Now if your users want to add AR filters to their picture-in-picture videos, they should do so when recording. The button for these effects has been removed from the post-processing screen.

Resolved major issues

  1. Original PiP video does not play in headphones while capturing video.
  2. PiP audio is not synced when recorded multiple video parts. 
  3. Text effect is not wrapped properly on the screen.
  4. Other critical client bugs and crashes

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