Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.35.0: AI Captions, Media3 ExoPlayer, and FAR 1.11 Support

The new version of Video Editor SDK allows users to automatically generate subtitles. It also supports Google’s latest media player and the newest version of Face AR SDK.

AI Captions

The vast majority of people (over 80%) don’t turn on the sound when watching videos on their mobile devices. As a result, content that doesn’t have subtitles is often skipped or ignored. Making closed captions addresses this issue, but it is tedious and time-consuming. 

AI lets your users get the best of both worlds. It automatically recognizes the speech and converts it into text. Then the user can edit the subtitles, as well as change the text style and color. 

At the moment, this feature supports 4 languages:

  • English
  • Mandarin 
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

It requires Internet connection, as we use AWS Transcribe for speech-to-text.

Contact us, if you want to test this feature in your app.

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Preview resizing on recording screen

We have changed the resizing behavior so that no part of the video preview is clipped. 

On Android, this is controlled by an extra config (included with the release).

On iOS, the RecorderConfiguration received the new property called previewScalingMode with two possible options: aspectFill and aspectFit.

/// Specifies options of scaling the video preview from camera at recorder screen
public enum RecorderPreviewScalingMode {
  /// Fill entire preview screen with camera video feed
  case aspectFill
  /// Fit camera video in the screen so that entire video is always visible 
  case aspectFit

The aspectFill option is the default. It provides the same preview scaling behaviour as in previous releases of the SDK.

Media3 ExoPlayer support (Android)

Google has deprecated ExoPlayer and recommended migrating to Media3 ExoPlayer 1.3.0. Video Editor SDK now supports this technology, which means better compatibility with client projects and more stability.

Face AR SDK 1.11 support

Version 1.35.0 is fully compatible with the most recent Face AR SDK version. If your project uses both products, it will benefit from better stability.

New minimum iOS version

The world has moved on from iOS 14. Only 0.6% of Apple device owners use it, so we have stopped supporting it and moved on to iOS 15 as the minimum.

Migration guides

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