Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v0.15: New Possibilities With Better Performance

facear sdk

We evolve our FaceAR Platform for our clients, existing and future, could enagage with their users thought amazing augmented reality applications and camera-first experience.

facear sdk

FaceAR Platform improvements

iPad support for Demo app

You can test how our technologies work on iPads. Bring customers and users face augmented reality, virtual try-on and beautification experiences on tables.

Video processing

You can now overlay face filters and face modification effects on videos recorded previously. Desktop only.

Binary size reduced for iOS

We’ve made our FaceAR platform smaller in size for 10%. We optimize space resources and power consumption without compromising on the platform’s performance.

Photo in Landscape mode on iOS

We’ve enhanced the photo taking experience for landscape mode.

Face filters SDK component

Photo processing optimized

Augmented reality effects are processed faster during photo taking experience.

Action Units and Blend Shapes

Support for Action Units detection and Blend Shapes rendering allows creating your own animojis.

Better resolution

Take high resolution photo with effect, camera switch, video recording (Android)


You can now interact with filters and AR effect through multi-touch actions. This gives more freedom in designing gamified filters as users can have more than two points of contact with the screen and play with the effect.

Beautifications SDK component

Eyes segmentation (iOS)

We trained a new neural network for eyes segmentation with better accuracy. We can overlay effects specifically on eyes e.g. shadows.

Acne removal performance on photos

You can process process the taken photos and fix face defects with better accuracy.

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More updates on the way!

Banuba Face AR SDK includes several components, i.e. Face filters, Beautification, Avatar and Face analytics. You can use each component separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

See FaceAR Platform

See how our Face AR SDK can help you to empower your app with some amazing features that your users will love.